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expo@ffa.org for customer service. 
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General Information
Event:  2013 Expo
Event Dates:  Wednesday, October 30, 2013 12:30 PM -
Saturday, November 2, 2013 04:00 PM
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 31Boombox electronic accessories. Little Buster, Schleich & Safari farm and ranch toys. Handcrafted Cattle Brand & Western Personalized jewelry.
Boombox is the premier item we bring to this convention. The Karaoke sponsored by Tractor Supply was 30 feet from our display and made demonstration of our products almost impossible and hurt our sales by 60-75%. If there is to be more booths like this that make all kinds of noise can they be placed far away from the retail venue?
 31AWe have been actively involved with the prior FFA conventions in Louisville and have provided a quality resource for Kentucky made or themed merchandise.
Kentucky made or inspired products; including but not limited to local foods, crafts, apparel, plush, art, books and official Kentucky Derby merchandise and souvenirs.
 2517Livestock Feed Company - promoting show feeds primarily
promote our feeding programs and products
 On-line agriculture curriculum
We would be willing to pay extra to have a end or corner booth
Connect with subscribers, explain service to non subscribers, student teachers and school administrators.
 What are your interests-ecology, biological science, technology, or business? Maybe you just know you like the outdoors or animals or electronics or science or working with people. Perhaps you already have a career in mind: physician, forester, veterinarian, food technologist, landscape designer, researcher, banker or engineer. If you're undecided or have a specific goal, the colleges and universities of agriculture in Texas are places to explore strengths, discover careers and build your future.
To encourage students to explore strengths, discover careers and build their futures at the colleges and universities of agriculture in Texas.
 Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications / Instructional Materials Service
interact with potential students , representatives of other colleges & universities;
Recruiting new students and connecting with alumni
Alpha Gamma Rho is the Fraternity sharing a common bond within a dynamic, global agriculture committed to fostering the highest values and providing each and every brother with superior lifelong personal development and professional success
 AALAS Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to educational outreach on the role of responsible laboratory care and use in science to advance human and animal health. The AALAS Foundation provides free materials to assist educators in teaching students about biomedical research (including interactive online course curriculum).
Our objectives are to introduce students to the importance of quality animal care and use to advance medical science and to inform them of various career opportunities available in the field of laboratory animal science.
 Educational association of veterinarians working in swine medicine and the pork industry
Outreach to FFA members potentially interested in a career in food animal medicine and production
 Education and Promotion of Dairy Goats
The American Dairy Goat Association was organized in 1904 to collect, record and preserve the pedigrees of dairy goats, provide genetic, management, and related services of the highest possible quality to dairy goat breeders, while maintaining the credibility of information, the integrity of the registry, and contributing to a public perception and political climate for the dairy goat industry that will provide optimum economic opportunities for Association members. Shows and production testing give breeders and exhibitors opportunities to compete for awards. These programs also demonstrate progress in breeding for type, quality and ability to produce.
 Would like to have a 20x20 'end cap,' ie, straddling the end of a row, along a well-trafficked interior aisle.
ASABE is an educational and technical organization dedicated to the advancement of engineering in agricultural, food, and biological systems.
 It's more about quality than quantity.
Obtain quality teacher leads for our new agricultural mechanics textbook and support materials
Either directly across the aisle from Briggs and Stratton (partner) or on a corner.
Textbooks and instructor support materials
 Take your students to a higher level with print and electronic training products from American Technical Publishers. We publish a broad range of applied education content with leading programs in electrical, construction, maintenance, mechanical, and agricultural mechanics.
We will be displaying, for the first time at FFA, our new agricultural mechanics book.
 The AVMA, founded in 1863, is the world's oldest and largest veterinary medical organization. More than 84,200 member veterinarians are engaged in a wide variety of professional activities. The AVMA is dedicated to advancing the science and art of veterinary medicine including public health and agriculture.
We will likely have a veterinary truck as a joint display with Virginia Tech again this year.
FFA members recognize the important role that veterinary medicine plays in agriculture and beyond. There is a strong interest in veterinary medicine among FFA members, and AVMA is proud to support aspiring veterinarians with information and resources regarding veterinary careers.
 ANATOMY IN CLAY® Learning System is a kinesthetic, hands-on method for teaching and learning human and animal anatomy. Successfully used in school systems throughout the country for over thirty years, our constructive approach of anatomy study has proven to increase test scores and students’ knowledge retention. The ANATOMY IN CLAY® Learning System is a wonderful addition to any general animal science, equine science, veterinary science or zoology classroom.
I'd like to request booth 1100 or 1101
 Animal Health International, Inc. is the premier animal health company in North America and has been serving the needs of customers for more than 40 years. No other distributor has a broader product offering. Animal Health International represents over 1,000 manufacturers that supply products focused on companion animal, equine, beef and dairy cattle, poultry, and swine. Animal Health International offers products ranging from vaccines and pharmaceuticals to state of the art equipment and software. To find out more information about products and services, please contact your local sales representative or visit us at www.animalhealthinternational.com.
Create awareness of Animal Health International as both a employer and provider in the Animal production and care business.
 51CAuto/Truck Accessories Home/Lifestyle Accessories Ladies Accessories
 Atlas is a manufacturer of Educational, Commercial, and Residential Greenhouses. Our Educational greenhouses are used as teaching classrooms for horticulture programs at all levels of education.
To promote the sales of our educational greenhouses systems
 The College of Agriculture at Auburn University offers majors and minors that prepare students not only to help sustain the high level of food and fiber that people rely on for their most basic needs, but also to address such issues as natural resources conservation, environmental protection, local and global economic development and, ultimately, improvements in the health, quality of life and well-being of humankind and the planet. The COA has a competitive scholarship program, offering over $500,000 each year to our students, essential hands-on learning experiences, a variety of international study experiences, and outstanding employment opportunities for our graduates.
Recruiting prospective students to enroll in Auburn university and major in the College of Agriculture.
 Manufacturer of Plastic & Fiberglass Greenhouse Benches and Plastic Greenhouse Bench Tops
To reach as many FFA advisors as possible, particularly those with a greenhouse in their program.
 Custom Chapter Apparel
We will have a large banner to hang from the ceiling that we want to be very visable from many locations in the exhibit hall
Promote our custom apparel. We do not want to be in the retail area. I would like to be placed in the business section of exhibits, preferably in the large part of room toward the center
Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the fields of health care, nutrition and high-tech materials. Bayer CropScience, a subgroup of Bayer AG with annual sales of EUR 7.255 billion (2011), is one of the world’s leading innovative crop science companies in the areas of crop protection, non-agricultural pest control, seeds and traits. The company offers an outstanding range of products and extensive service backup for modern, sustainable agriculture and for non-agricultural applications. Bayer CropScience has a global workforce of 21,000 and is represented in more than 120 countries.
To support the next generation of agricultural leaders as well as position Bayer CropScience as an ideal employer and agricultural leader.
 Black Hawk East, we are a junior college.
We will be pulling our trailer into the booth space--along the isle has always worked best so we're not blocking anyone else! If that's possible again that'd be fantastic. Thanks
Prospecting for new students, networking with advisors and reconnecting with alumni!
400 students
 41Ahandmade western jewelry, earrings, headbands, bracelets, animal pendants, bling showsticks, blankets, hanging bags, totes, luggage, t-shitts, sweatshirts, belts, watches, ect.
 Brownfield Ag News radio networks contractual partnerships with more than 350 affiliate radio stations in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Ohio, Minnesota and South Dakota that carry Brownfield radio programming. Brownfieldagnews.com website is a resource for agricultural information. We also offer “Agriculture Today,” a free daily e-mail newsletter providing readers with a snapshot of what is happening in agriculture and Brownfield Mobile for smartphone users.
Working with Bryan Kelley -
Provide Ag teachers with educational resources; reach all attendees with the variety of ag information tools/products available today; provide information regarding scholarships/internships to all; provide career information about ag communications
If we make a difference in one life, we will feel we have been successful.
 1647Providers of greenhouse structures and services for high school horticulture programs.
To promote the sale of greenhouse structures and services to high school horticulture programs.
Feedback from subscribers and contact with new/potential customers
Developer of online curriculum and instructional materials.
 54Ajewelry, assessories, pendants, headbands, luggage, totes garment bags,blankets, belts, stuffed animals, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, Miss Me Jeans (girls), t-shirts, head warmers concho's,show sticks,purses,rings,livestock items, scarves, vest,show shirts
 CareerSafe Online delivers the OSHA 10-Hour Training and Certification program
Build awareness regarding CareerSafe Online and the OSHA 10-Hour Training and Certification program. Implementation strategies to incorporate the training into existing curriculum. Professional Development Program opportunity for educators
100-200 people
 Carhartt was started in 1889 by Hamilton Carhartt and to this day is still family owned. We are a workwear apparel company.
We would like to get the word out about Carhartt and our new products.
 1941Case IH
Bryan -- Need 50x50 booth. Place next to RAM trucks.
Promote how Case IH helps producers be ready for the business challenges they face daily. Engage students and advisors on career opportunities and classroom resources. Build strong awareness of Case IH and what the company does.
Not Applicable
 218Caterpillar ThinkBIG program. Building our future techinicians
 33cellular accessories
 Women's agricultural fraternity
REcruiting new members, scholarships and outreach to alumni members
 As a leading supplier of lubricants worldwide, Chevron Lubricants continually works to advance the state of lubrication technology, enabling our network of lubrication specialists to deliver the leading-edge products and customized services you need, when you need them. For over 125 years, Chevron has engineered products that deliver long-term value to farmers, maximizing protection and equipment reliability for time-sensitive operations in unpredictable climates and conditions.
Promote the Delo® Tractor Restoration Competition and awareness of the Chevron Delo family of lubricant products.
 1641Fruit Fundraiser
 42Alivestock artwork featuring exclusively the artwork of CJ Brown, framed artwork, prints stationery products, etc.
No other vendor is to carry my prints without my permission.
 The Texas A&M College of Agriculture & Life Sciences produces leaders and solutions to feed the world, improve health, protect our environment, and enrich our youth. The college offers 31 majors to prepare our students for careers in business, science, engineering, education, and more. Hands-on experience equips our graduates to better handle the challenges of medical and veterinary schools. The college offers mentors as well as a wide variety of internships to connect students with industry for careers after college. Study abroad experiences in more than 25 countries and 50 active student organizations help our students discover their passion and develop leadership skills. If you want to change the world, select a major and join us!
Educate students on options offered through the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences and Texas A&M University.
 10Engravable merchandise, personalized products, costume jewelry, buckles, printed tees and hoodies, hats, novelties, stuffed animals, zippo collectibles, Speidel ID's, medical alert tags, pet ID tags,sterling silver, name rings, unique gifts and fun stuff.
Engraving and printing services available on site.
Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is one of the premier colleges of its kind in the nation. With majors ranging from communication to horticulture, it has something great to offer nearly everyone.
Would like to be near SUNY Cobleskill and SUNY Morrisville
Recruit students.
 50Jewelry and Boutique Clothing.
 We make soy candles for fundraisers.
To promote our fundraisers
 We do not need to count the number of visits. If we have samples of our products, they will show up
To allow students and teachers to sample our products so they can make an intelligent decision as to which meat stick company they would like to use.
Please provide us with corner booths since we take orders as well as give out samples of Country Meats. We get a lot of traffic and a corner booth allows us to clear some of the traffic out of the aisles while taking orders.
Country Meats - we provide samples of our smoked snack sticks as well as information on how to use our products as a chapter fundraiser.
 3001Crop Production Services/Agrium, Manufacturer of fertilizers and retailer of Crop production products and services
seed survivor is in a self contained trailer, rest is standard booth type materials with a sign to hang from the ceiling
Showcase our seed survivor mobile display to FFA sponsor, instructors and teachers as well as continue or branding process for Crop production Services
6,000 plus
 1349Rangemaster is our premium Farm & Ranch fencing product line. It includes field fence, barbed wire, horse fence, sheep & goat, fixed knot fence and others. Rangemaster is backed by its parent company Deacero, one of the largest wire manufacturer in America, vertically integrated from raw material purchasing to finish products manufacturing.
Educational, informative and interactive.
To educate the attendees on the various types of agricultural fencing products available and their application(s) of use.
Will be determined by the level of education regarding fencing products.
We would like a corner booth included in our 3 booths. We would like to be close to an entrance, if possible. This years' location was great! Something similar would be perfect!
introduce & promote our educational products, and gather leads
 Purchasing four booth spaces so would prefer to be on a corner or configured so the depth of the booth is 20'
1) To discuss undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Agricultural and Extension Education to potential students. 2) To advocate for careers in agricultural and extension education through exposing participants to engaging activities. 3) To connect with alumni, agriculture teachers from Virginia, and agriculture students from Virginia.
100% the intent of the booth is to provide information and have a presence at the expo
The Department of Agricultural and Extension Education at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
 622Dordt College in Sioux Center Iowa is one of a handful of Christian colleges in North America to offer a four-year agriculture program. The diversity of agriculture opportunities near campus makes Dordt an ideal setting for both on-campus and off-campus study in agriculture. We offer seven different emphases which include General Agriculture, Agri-business, Agricultural Education, Animal Science, Ag. Missions, Biotechnology, Plant Science, and a Pre-Veterinary Program. Students also have the option to earn an Associate of Agriculture degree if only want to attend for two years.
Our purpose is to recruit potential students interested in studying agriculture in college from a Christian point of view.
 3229DuPont Company - DuPont has been bringing world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace in the form of innovative products, materials, and services since 1802. The company believes that by collaborating with customers, governments, NGOs, and thought leaders we can help find solutions to such global challenges as providing enough healthy food for people everywhere, decreasing dependence on fossil fuels, and protecting life and the environment. For additional information about DuPont and its commitment to inclusive innovation, please visit www.dupont.com.
We are combinatio of two key ag business within DuPont - Crop Protection and DuPont Pioneer seed.
Enhance recognition of our company and talk with prospective future employees.
 Excel Sportswear specializes in creating custom apparel for FFA Chapters utilizing hand drawn graphics and top quality garments to make one of a kind keepsakes.
In the past we have always gotten a corner booth. If possible, would like a booth near New Holland as we are Officially Licensed by them as well as the FFA.
Make contact with Chapters we already work with and to reach out to other Chapters and make them more familiar with what we have to offer.
 We sell Designer Fragrances
We have many top designer fragrances We Do Not sell Fakes
Meet as many people as possible
 40AAFarm Boy and Farm Girl Branded Clothing, Farm Dog and Farm Cat Braded Pet Supplies
 free gospel literature
hand out free literature
 Farm-to-Consumer Foundation
Inform attendees of the career opportunties in local food and forage production
 Fastline publishes and mails 22 farm catalogs to producers across the US. Fastline.com has the largest ag equipment database in the world. -I couldn't find an appropriate category to assign us to below. In the past we were in the Corporation section of the Expo.
We want to show our support of the FFA. We also hand out catalogs to the attendees. Our main goal is to promote our catalog and website.
 We'd prefer "half an island booth" like 2012.
Showcasing the Firestone Farm Tire brand as "The Leader in the Field" to the next generation of ag leaders. We'd also like to be apart of the Ag Mech contest. Could you provide more information?
Manufacturer of agricultural, forestry, and construction tires.
 Florida Farm Bureau Marketing Division is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Florida Farm Bureau; providing marketing opportunties for Florida Farm Bureau members through direct distribution of their ag products to FFA's and other groups accross the USA
Promotion of Florida agriculture and the the Farm Bureau
 Fundraising Fruit Company.
It would be nice if the teachers wore name badges.
Presenting fresh fruit fundraising programs.
 1041Ford Motor Company
Maintain a strong presence within the National FFA Organization that leverages the future growth and prosperity of agriculture and education through active dealer participation and support of up to 500 available collegiate scholarships. Create a bond with FFA members who will turn into Ford customers and potentially influence others in their car and truck buying decisions
 41AAAPhoto Mats with Frames Gloves
 1223The Gordon Bernard Company has been publishing calendars for fundraising since 1949.
Connect with current customers and show prospective chapters the opportunities available to them
We need to get at least 10 need chapter calendar projects started to make this worthwhile.
 Public charity that provides educational experiences to young people about Standardbred racehorses and administers racing scholarship programs.
To provide information about harness racing as it relates to agribusiness.
 1029Hobart Welding Products offers welding equipment and related supplies. Our booth will contain a new product display and live welding and cutting demonstrations.
Brand awareness, education on products, demonstrations, market research

Hypertherm’s metal cutting systems are widely used on the farm, in manufacturing, and in garages. Stop by our booth to see for yourself why people who work with metal prefer Hypertherm cutting equipment.

 Recruiting booth incorporating a game.
identify potential students, engage students in a discussion of careers plans.
 For more than 100 years, professional technicians have relied on Ingersoll Rand for quality and performance on the toughest jobs. Ingersoll Rand offers exceptional air tools, cordless tools, air compressors, and a variety of accessories for the everyday professional technician and mechanic.
Create and sustain brand awareness for Ingersoll Rand and our student program that we offer to both automotive tech students and instructors. We would like to gain leads for the program and gain brand awareness.
 Innovacyn provides two lines of wound & skin care products to the OTC market. Vetericyn is an all animal species product that is great for cuts, lacerations, hot spots and irritations. Puracyn is a human product for cuts, burns and irritations. Both are steroid-free, antibiotic free non-toxic topical sprays.
We would like to have our booth space be 10x40 if possible.
-promote brand awareness -customer contacts -booth traffic -provide product information & demonstrations -social media campaigns
1700 based on last years 1500
 International Greenhouse Company is the industry leader in providing functional, affordable greenhouses and greenhouse supplies to schools and universities. IGC has played a part in bringing new educational opportunities to hundreds of school districts and universities all across America.
We build a large greenhouse structure on our two booth spaces. the greenhouse is 18' wide roughly 9' deep.
Strengthening Brand Name and meeting Ag teachers who are new to their career or new to horticulture in the classroom
The Ironworker Management Progressive Action Cooperative Trust is a labor management trade association representing the union Ironworkers and their signatory contractors
Bryan, Please place IMPACT next to Lincoln Electric like always
To offer job placement into the Ironworkers Apprenticeship Programs
 1229Deere & Company (NYSE: DE) is a world leader in providing advanced products and services and is committed to the success of customers whose work is linked to the land - those who cultivate, harvest, transform, enrich and build upon the land to meet the world's dramatically increasing need for food, fuel, shelter and infrastructure. Since 1837, John Deere has delivered innovative products of superior quality built on a tradition of integrity.
Would like the same size booth as 2012 - 40X100.
 54DLicensed John Deere products clothes caps and hardgoods
 40Boots,Jeans,Belts Clothing,misc jewelry,caps,Headbands
 The Kansas State University College of Agriculture is a dynamic, student-friendly college with a diverse offering of 16 outstanding academic programs. The College encompasses much more than traditional production agriculture; so, whether your interests range from the biosciences to resource-based recreation, or from environmental management to running a multi-million dollar agri-business, the K-State College of Agriculture has a program that will help you meet your objectives and prepare you for a multitude of career opportunities. Our outstanding faculty and staff are committed to student success and helping achieve future career goals.
Four Booth Spaces in one long row (linear).
Recruiting students
 College of Veterinary Medicine Kansas State University Manhattan, Kansas
We want to be placed in the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) cluster.
To visit with attendees about attending College of Veterinary Medine at Kansas State University
 Our Family Farm is both Alumni and FFA Boosters within our area in Ohio. We have worked with Chapters in raising money using Direct Sales in Merchandise and Fruit and Fair Sales. We offer Custom Embroidered Gifts sharing the FFA name for both, members, Parents, Advisors & family members. We assist in Fundraising for the FFA chapters and offer scholarships for the top selling chapters.
We have exhibited before but did not last year due to illness. May we please be put near the end at Alumni Nation near the restroom and raffle area ? Thanks !
We want to show the FFA Chapters how unique and Fun it is to provide and "design" personal FFA bags, totes, blankets, and gifts while making money for there chapter. We also offer the Member the opportunity for a job following graduation to help with College tuitions. We also provide a FREE gift for everyone who visits our booth for the event.
Any amount is always positive.
 Red Brand is the premium line of agricultural fencing products and reigns as the most recognized brand of farm fence in the United States. Since 1889 Red Brand has been standing guard with top quality, American-made fence products for a wide variety of applications.
It needs to be a 20 wide by 30 deep endcap if possilbe
Presenting new programs to teachers
 Kohler Engines manufacturer of small engines gas, lp, and diesel between 4 and 40 horsepower.
 Public community college offering career programs that lead to immediate employment, transfer programs that lead to a baccalaureate degree, liberal arts, adult education, special job training and retraining programs.
corner booth
Student Recruitment
 Lamar Community College
Over 500
 42Bfashion and quilted handbags, women's wallets, duffles, cosmetic sets, trolleys, wheel totes, travel gear, keyfinders, pursehangers, scarves, leather handbags, purse organizers
 1928Welding equipment and consumable manufacturer
This is the reservation for Lincoln Electric fro a 40 x 40 booth
 Little Ceasars Fundraising
Corner booth - 2113,2116,2117
 Today's Class is an online arena for teaching terminology, theory, and fundamentals. With our program students engage in responsive, dynamic simulations. By implementing Today's Class into curricula, teachers are able to offer their students an exciting online classroom where the course material comes alive - something no textbook can do.
We want booth 1200 in teacher's world
We wish to educate teachers about our product and show them how we can be a great tool to teach students.
500 visits is a great goal, we have about 300 people come by last year
 Equestrian career college preparing students for hands-on equine careers as trainers, riding instructors, equine massage therapists, stable managers and farriers.
make prospective students aware of our school and programs
At the MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, students learn to use applied sciences and technology to solve many of the world’s problems related to food, energy, natural and built environments. The CANR offers many academic majors and certificate programs that allow students to take their interests in business, science, technology and mathematics in exciting directions and set them on a path for rewarding careers.
Share information with college bound students.
 Talk to prospective students about Midway's academic and athletic programs.
Midway College offers degrees in Equine Studies, Business, Teacher Education and Science and Nursing. The college has equestrian teams in hunt seat, western and dressage.
 Mississippi State University
Educate and recruit students to attend MSU
 Welding School
Talk to kids.
 Mud Hole is a rod building component distributor. We offer an educational program that allows teachers to teach rod building in the classroom.
 Murray State University Hutson School of Agriculture offers degree programs in agricultural science and animal technology areas.
To recruit high school students to study agriculture at Murray State.
500 +
 National Agricultural Aviation Association; enhancing agricutlure, and to protect public health and the environment
 The National Bison Association represents ranchers, processors and marketers dedicated to creating new opportunities for independent producers to build a sustainable, profitable future by connecting consumers with delicious, nutritious bison meat and products.
Our primary objective is to introduce agriculture's emerging leaders to career opportunities in the bison business.
We do not measure in the number of vists, but rather in the level of interest among those visitors.
 NOYS is a collaboration of over 60 national, youth-serving organizations, including non-profit organizations, business and industry leaders, and government agencies, with the common goal of promoting safe and healthy behaviors among our nation's youth. The coalition meets in a round table forum approximately 2-3 times per year. Our mission is to promote youth empowerment and leadership and build partnerships that will save lives, prevent injuries, and promote safe and healthy lifestyles among all youth.
We will be showcasing our Act Out Loud contest and Global Youth Traffic Safety Month
 Non-profit Pork Checkoff. The National Pork Board is responsible for promotion, education and research of pork.
Promote swine careers and educational resources for teachers.
 1890 Land Grant University
NC A&T State University
The School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences provides opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds to achieve excellence in the food, agricultural, family and environmental sciences through exemplary and integrative instruction, and through scholarly, creative and effective research and Extension programs.
 41AAWe sell western felt & dress, straw and wool hats. Also carry ladies and mens belts, buckles, wallets and bolos.
 Producers of Agricultural Salts, we offer a full line of products for all your nutritional needs. Our unique and innovative nutritional solutions enhance herd health, and build healthy partnerships that endure for generations.
generate interest in our products
 Northwest Missouri State University Department of Agricultural Sciences
Recruitment of students
 Headquartered in Greensboro, NC, Novartis Animal Health US, Inc. researches, develops and commercializes leading animal treatments that meet the needs of pet owners, farmers and veterinarians. Part of the Basel, Switzerland-based Novartis Animal Health global organization, the US business is the largest of the 40 countries where Novartis Animal Health operates. For more information about Novartis Animal Health US, Inc., please consult http://www.ah.novartis.us.
To educate students about products and career opportunities in the animal health industry, as well as provide educational literature to agriculture education instructors.
 Nutrients for Life is a non-profit education foundation dedicated to providing science-based soil science curricula for grades k-12. Nutrients for Life works collaboratively with FFA and offers chapter competitions in several states.
We would greatly appreciate a corner booth!
 Today, Ohio Technical College stands at the forefront of technical colleges in diversity of programs, equipment and commitment to educational excellence.
We work in conjunction with Lincoln Electric for this show, the 2012 show was the only year we were seperated and it makes it hard because of our shared partnership and activities. It is extremely important for us to be located next to Lincoln. Thank you
Expose FFA members to educational opportunities after they leave high school and how they are related to the FFA culture.
the usual flow of the FFA convention allows us to be in contact with our demographic.
 Oklahoma CIMC offers a full spectrum of Agricultural Education curriculum. Our newest full-color products include Environmental Sciences & Natural Resources, Animal Science, Introduction to Horticulture, Agriscience Explorations, Introduction to Agriscience, Agriscience Principles & Applications and Communications in Agriculture. Many of our products are available online through Kno.com. Also, online end-of-instruction assessments are available for most courses.
To disseminate information to instructors regarding our product line as well as product features, formats and delivery platforms.
The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) at Oklahoma State University has 16 majors and more than 50 study options. CASNR offers diverse opportunities to study and apply knowledge in science, mathematics, chemistry, biology, computer science, accounting, finance, the environment, marketing, education, communications and, of course, agriculture and natural resources.
 Operation Christmas Child, the world's largest Christmas project, brings joy and hope to needy children around the world through gift-filled shoe boxes and the Good News of God's love. Since 1993, more than 100 million shoe box gifts have been delivered to children in more than 130 countries.
Provide FFA leaders with OCC promotional material. Respond to questions regarding OCC.
 The College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University is Oregon's principal source of knowledge relating to agricultural and food systems, and a major source of knowledge regarding environmental quality, natural resources, life sciences, and rural economies and communities worldwide. The College provides undergraduate and graduate education leading to baccalaureate and graduate degrees, and extended education programs throughout Oregon and beyond. Its research programs create knowledge to solve problems and to build a knowledge base for the future. It is a source of information and expertise in integrating and applying knowledge with benefits that are felt in domestic and international settings.
To inform prospective students of the opportunities they may have if they pursue their college education with Oregon State University. We also use this event to connect with Oregonians and Alumni who are attending the convention.
 To educate and inform FFA members of Organic food production methods and products available
We plan to give away 5000 single serve mozzarela cheese sticks (Stringles) so at least 5000.
CROPP/Organic Valley/Organic Prairie is a marketing cooperative owned by over 1800 family farms nationwide to market their certified organic dairy, egg, meat, produce, soy, juice and livestock feed.
 51AFundraising Lollipops
 Pearson publishes market-leading print and technology curriculum solutions. Visit our booth to see what we have to offer. For more information, please visit www.pearsonschool.com/cte or call 866-326-4259
To promote our learning solutions.
 Fundraising Company that provides fruit programs to help groups raise money.
To educate FFA advisors & members about our fundraising programs.
 We are a university that will be at the show to promote the majors and minors available at Penn State. We will be encouraging students to consider Penn State as a viable option for their college studies.
While at the National FFA Convention and Expo., we plan to provide information to those in attendance about the opportunities available at Penn State. We will provide recruitment materials to those that are interested in Penn State.
3,500 visits; 800 completed "interest cards"
 Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc., is the world’s largest distributor of educational materials for teaching aquaculture, hydroponics and aquaponics. For designs, installations and curriculums, visit PentairAES.com.
Create brand awareness of our new name. Also, to reach out to teachers who want to teach aquaculture, aquaponics, and hydroponics in their classes.
250 visitors with at least 75 interested in our market and 50 confirmed leads for possible sales.
Pfizer Animal Health, a business unit of Pfizer Inc., is a global leader in the discovery, development, manufacture and commercialization of animal health medicines and vaccines, with a focus on both livestock and companion animals.  For more than 60 years, we have been committed to enhancing the health of animals and bringing solutions to our customers who raise and care for them. Visit the Pfizer Animal Health booth to learn more about our broad portfolio of products and solutions.
 Pratt Community College is proud to be a part of the Pratt community. With a 72 year history, PCC is a two-year public, comprehensive community college and an area vocational school. We offer a well-rounded general education for the student planning to transfer to a four-year college or university. For our technical students, we provide the skills needed to enter directly into the workforce. Some of our hallmark programs include Electrical Power Technology, Ag Power Technology, Automotive Technology, Electrical Technology and Nursing. We are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. This accreditation reflects the high quality of our academic and technical programs.
recruiting of potential students and promotion of our institution
 44Preslars.com is so excited to be back at the FFA convention. We have been gone for 7 years and are ready to supply you with all the BOOTS that meet your needs. We have a wide selection of ARIAT, DAN POST, ROCKY, and JOHN DEERE. Our booth is jam packed with T-SHIRTS; we have the RED or GREEN tractor, as well as many others. Need something to for your head? We have ball caps, cowboy hats, beanies, and many more. They all have your favorite logos from IH to JOHN DEERE. Come check us out!
 42AAShow supplies for livestock.
 Customized Designs of Country & Agriculture, etc... of Tees and Apparel, as a showcase of name brand Wallets, Buckles, Jewelry, etc
I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to display my goods at the upcoming FFA 2013 Show and present the latest fashions and styles in the enviroment of farming and agriculture.
Discover the marketing presentations and techniques of the latest new trends and styles of todays fashions.
25,000 plus attendees
 Purdue University College of Agriculture
To connect with many high school students about the opportunities at Purdue University.
 Recruitment of future Veterinarian and Veterinary Technology students through education and engagement.
We need to be with the AVMA cluster.
Recruiting students to a career in Veterinary Medicine.
 QuarterShare is a private for profit Beef Stick Company built on two fundamental core values: Quality Products and Community responsibility. QuarterShare donates one quarter of all beef sticks sold to non-profit fundraising groups to sell at 100% profit or to donate to charities for food. Our fundraising program requires no upfront cost. You pay us when you sell our Beef Stick Snack Packs. Stop by our booth for a sample and employment opportunities in your area.
1st Choice 1023 & 1122 2nd Choice 1123 & 1222 3rd Choice 1021 & 1019 All in Tearcher's World
To assist all FFA Group with their fundraising requirements.
 Response Products is a leading provider of innovative joint health and nutrition products for dogs, horses, people and livestock.
Renewing booth space for 2013
Product branding
 2129RFD-TV Rural America's Most Important Network
Promote RFD-TV to students interested in agriculture, equine, rural lifestyle and country music and entertainment.
 2ABoots, Hats, Shirts, Belts, Buckles, Jeans, Purses, Western Wear, and Home Decore
 The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is an non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage.
The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation will have an informational booth about our organization and its mission.
 12With Rodeo Boot Company you will find some of the best deals on men's and women's cowboy boots from companies like Boulet Boots and Stetson. At Rodeo Boot Co we work hard to provide you with the best service. If you are looking for some great cowboy boots then this is the place to shop. Ladies, you will find that we also have a wide selection of Cowgirl Boots as well.
 51Bjewelry and wearable accessories
 South Dakota State University is located in Brookings, SD and is the largest university in the state. The College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences offers more than 20 majors and options. SDSU offers more traditional agriculture majors like Animal Science, Agronomy, General Agriculture but also features majors focused on the biological sciences such as; Wildlife and Fisheries, Biotechnology and Pre-Professional Programs. With a student population of around 12,800 we offer a wide range of opportunities with small class sizes.
Meet perspective students.
300 information cards filled out.
 The University of Kentucky's Southeast Center for Agricultural Health and Injury Prevention in cooperation with the CDC/NIOSH conducts research, education, and prevention activities to reduce occupational illness and injury and improve the safety and health of agricultural workers and their families in the southeastern United States.
Outreach/student recruitment
 1t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants
Spectrum offers a full line of affordable measurement technology for soil compaction, soil moisture, nutrient levels, light, weather, and other factors directly affecting plant development. Record rainfall, leaf wetness hours, temperature and humidity fluctuations, and other weather events with our WatchDog data logging line, which ranges from stand-alone units to full weather stations. Comprehensive software allows user to graph data, run reports, create custom reports, export data to excel and import other weather data. Disease monitoring software is available for 17 disease models and 60 insect models. Over 15,000 customers count on Spectrum's easy to use, dependable technology.
Corner Booth, off a main isle
Brand awareness
Must have at least 40 feet of free space above the booth to accomodate climbing poles.
STIHL Inc. is the manufacture of the number selling brand of handheld outdoor power equipment in America.
 Supplier and manufacturer of greenhouses
We would like to have a space near an entrance and away from all other greenhouse suppliers. Thanks.
 Syngenta - Biotech/Ag company Booth assignment #3301
Increase awareness of Syngenta as a company and the scope of our products/brands. Continue to promote the education of agriculture in the classroom.
ideally everyone or 1,000-2,000
 Since 1976, Mud Hog has been the leading producer of Hydraulically Driven Rear Wheel Drives for Combines. The design and technology are continually changing to meet the needs of the farmer.
 34Rhinestone Apparel, Spangle Apparel.
 The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources is recognized as a center of excellence in teaching and learning. We offer 33 degree programs in agricultural and applied economics, agricultural education and communications, animal and food sciences, landscape architecture, plant and soil science, and natural resources management. With highly qualified faculty and staff, and excellent facilities, CASNR provides student with a full range of academic resources and opportunities.
To visit with and provide information for students interested in careers within agricultural sciences and natural resources
 The American Phytopathological Society (APS) is the premier society dedicated to high-quality, innovative plant pathology research. For more than a century, members of APS have been making and sharing significant breakthroughs, both for the science and society. APS is driven by a distinctive community of scientists, whose energy and commitment ensure the global advancement of this critical science.
Spread the word on what plant pathology is, and how students can have a valuable career in this field. Enlighten teachers on the opportunities to use plant pathology as an educational tool.
 54BGlittered & painted wall decor, metal decor, jewelry, western decor.
 non profit welding school
we need electric, carpet, pad for under carpet, 2 chairs, 1 rectangular table
 17Mounted steer horns, leather belts, purses, wallets, cell cases, western hats, hat bands, Montana silversmith, crystal belts, crystal jewelry, ropes, stickers, stuffed animals
Will need additional pipe and drape to cover trailer.
 The Ocean Corporation is a school that trains men and women to be underwater welders and Non Destructive Testing inspectors.
We are inviting teachers to come to our yearly underwater welding seminar for educators.
Around 500
 Two year Associate degree granting campus of The Ohio State Unversity. Our programs range from livestock to renewable energy to horticulture to turfgrass. Many options for students to explore!
Please place our booth next to the other Ohio State booths as we work together during the event.
Talk with attendees about the great course and degree offerings at Ohio State and Ohio State ATI. Also to learn what is important to the attendees in regards to higher education.
 Interested in exploring careers in veterinary medicine, agriscience education, food science, engineering, construction, or environmental sustainability? We offer great scholarships, study abroad and research opportunities, internships, and more. We offer 22 majors. We’ve got what you’re looking for! Learn more at www.cfaes.osu.edu/visit.
Meet prospective students and parents to share information about opportunities at The Ohio State University. To engage with alumni and stakeholders to further enhance our relationships. To support the National FFA Organization and all members in attendance at the convention.
Any number of students is valuable for us, but we anticipate interacting with over 800 students.
 I would like 4 consecutive end cap spaces so that our booth could be a "welcome" booth to the college and university section, but also so that we may have room for our various departments to be represented.
We want to welcome the students back to Louisville for the National FFA Convention and also promote higher education through our university and others.
The University of Kentucky
 Titan Tire - Moves The World of Agriculture as a global supplier of complete wheel and tire assemblies for off-highway vehicles.
plan to display actual restored antique tractor.
Ag Mechanic Students contacting with Titan Tire Tractor Restoration Tire Program.
 1028retail stores
want to maintain our 40'x30' booth size
 TransCanada has over 60 years’ experience safely meeting North America’s energy needs. We are committed to helping build healthy, safe and vibrant communities where we live and work through our support for partner organizations, such as FFA.
Our booth will be featuring the 811 motorbike
Build awareness and communicate safety to the youth. Educate on 'Call before you dig', 811, and underground utility safety.
 Trimble’s Agriculture Division is a leader in precision agriculture, GPS and guidance solutions which help customers operate farm vehicles and implements more efficiently, save on input costs, and increase yield and productivity. Solutions include vehicle and implement guidance and steering; application control for seed, liquid, and granular products; laser- and GPS-based water management technology; and seamless field-to-office information management and record keeping. To ensure better decision making, Trimble® also offers an integrated operations management solution called Connected Farm™ that provides information exchange across the entire farm. For more information on Trimble Agriculture, visit: www.trimble.com/agriculture.
We are changing our booth from Farm Works to Trimble for our exhibitor name - please update on all show materials so we appear as Trimble.
Target audience for us is teachers.
 Trouw Nutrition USA is an international leader providing the agriculture nutrition industry with technology-based ingredients originating through sound research and development. At Trouw, we transform technology into products focused on improving the productivity and well-being of animals. Our goal is to listen and learn in order to develop the premium programs and services that fulfill the needs of our customers. Trouw Nutrition is your resource for innovative solutions.
Please put us in a similar location as 2012. To network and education FFA members of the opportunities within Nutreco companies (Trouw Nutrition).
 Processor and marketer of chicken, beef and pork, as well as prepared foods.
We would like to be next to Cobb Vantress. Side by Side.
Tyson Supports the FFA, product awareness, career opportunties
 To develop students into scholars, mentors, and responsible citizens of the State of California, the United States and the world; To advance, integrate, evaluate and communicate knowledge of the sciences and technologies of natural resource utilization and conservation, agriculture, food, nutrition, human development, and related environmental, health, safety and policy concerns; To seek out, anticipate and lead in addressing the needs of citizens, communities and governmental agencies
Recruitment & Outreach to potential students
 Please place my booth near other SEC Universities- I request this EVERY year and it is never granted!
1000 plus
University of Florida College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
 College recruiting for undergraduates
Life for students in the U of I College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES) is about more than the classroom; it's also about opportunities: for international study, for undergraduate research projects, for real-world internships, for making lifelong friendships among professors and classmates. You’ll discover that ACES can take you where you want to go; with nearly 40 majors and over 30 student clubs, the choice is yours. Imagine your future in the College of ACES!
To promote the University of Minnesota to prospective high school students, families, teachers, etc.
To promote the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
 400University of Nebraska Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture is a two year all Agriculture College. We focus on hands on Agriculture Education. We offer Degrees in Agriculture Production Systems, Agribusiness Management, Horticulture and Veterinary Technology. And yes our degrees will transfer to a 4 year College or University.
College Recruiting
 Thousands of students
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Educate students about the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
 University of Wisconsin - River Falls College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences (CAFES)
Display the different degree options available to students attending UWRF. Recruiting new students.
 We offer an Agricultural Equipment program and an Agribusiness Management Degree.
To promote our programs to future students
 It's fun and creative
Objective is to reach as many young people as possible with our message and encourage their involvement.
With over 50, 000 kids, having several of those kids visit would be nice (hundreds would be great)
Children are often more heavily exposed to toxins in the environment. EPA OCHP's mission is to make the health protection of children where they live, learn, and play a fundamental goal of public health and environmental protection in the United States and around the world.
 NASS issues statistical information about agriculture. This information is distributed in the form of reports and datasets. The reports are available in text and Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Most NASS data are at the U. S. and State level. Historical data is also available including some historical county data from an on-line database at www.nass.usda.gov.
 USDA Rural Development outreach booth to reach advisors, FFA students, and general public visitors with information about Rural Development programs and cooperatives.
To reach as many advisors, students, and others with information about USDA Rural Development programs.
2,000 to 10,000
 Vernier Software & Technology provides instructional tools that help students develop a deep understanding of important concepts in Agricultural Science. With Vernier's data-collection products and Agricultural Science with Vernier curriculum, students become researchers, collecting and analyzing their own data. Students are highly engaged, leading to a meaningful learning experience.
Vernier Software & Technology provides instructional tools that help students develop a deep understanding of important concepts in Agricultural Science. With Vernier's data-collection products and Agricultural Science with Vernier curriculum, students become researchers, collecting and analyzing their own data. Students are highly engaged, leading to a meaningful learning experience.
 3BWitty Farm Related Clothing
 Wahl Clipper Corporation - FFA Sponsor Product: Clippers, trimmers, blades, equine tools, large animal clippers
Plan to have Wahl Master Barber giving haircuts at the booth
Introduce attendees to Wahl product Support FFA as a sponsor
 32Real roses perserved in wax.
 University, will be distributing university materials
Promote our university
Wilmington College is a small, private, liberal arts college in Ohio. Several academic programs are offered including Agriculture.
Connect with students that wish to continue their education after high school.
 51Custom designed jewelry made on location with gold or silver wire. Stainless Steel Rings, Chains and accessories Fashion Jewelry Personalized Epoxy Jewelry Stock Show Jewelry
We are excited about the new items we have lined up for the show this year. If you have any questions please give me a call at 918 786-3996. As always we look forward to the show and will be bringing an attractive and fun booth for the participants.
 WIX Filtration
we will have H2 showcar in booth
communicate our "boxtop" chapter fundraising program, brand visibility
 1253Wrangler Apparel Company
To show support for National FFA members
 40AAirbrush apparel
 1441It's not necessarily all about the quantity but also the quality of attendees.
Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A., maker of industry leading ATVs and Side-by-Side Vehicles, is a proud partner and sponsor of the FFA. Through production of durable and reliable vehicles that deliver best-in-class performance day after day, week after week, Yamaha products boast exclusive technologies such as Ultramatic® automatic transmission and On Command® 2WD/4WD/Diff lock that are specifically designed to tackle the toughest jobs and play just as hard when the work day is done. All of Yamaha’s 4x4 vehicles are assembled in the U.S.A. at the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Georgia.
Brand awareness, support the FFA, ATV safety, build partnerships

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