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General Information
Event:  2011 National FFA Agricultural Career Show
Event Dates:  Wednesday, October 19, 2011 12:30 PM -
Friday, October 21, 2011 04:00 PM
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 229Abby Candles are American made of all natural products. American grown soy makes up 55% of our candle's ingredients.
We at Abby Candles believe that the strength of our country depends on strong profitable American agriculture. It is also our belief that to keep and develop strong profitable American agriculture we need intelligent and competent agricultural leadership, which is developed through the FFA program.
 1245Animal Nutrition
FFA (livestock projects) are a large portion of our business
 153We understand agriculture. Our focus is to provide high-tech solutions for farmers feeding the world. AGCO offers a broad range of tractors, combines, sprayers, forage and tillage equipment, implements and hay tools. Our products are available through 2,600 independent dealers and distributors in more than 140 countries.
AGCO strives to have a strong commitment in the FFA students' lives to help ensure the continued success of America's premier youth leadership organization.
 1910AgEdNet.com offers an easy-to-use online agriculture curriculum service with over 1,250 classroom-ready lesson plans matched to National AFNR standards. Supporting materials include worksheets, PowerPoints and puzzles. AgEd Today, our exclusive daily agriculture news update, is also included.
 352Aggreko is the global leader in providing temporary power generation, temperature control, and oil-free compressed air systems.
FFA is an outstanding organization for today's youth that provides them with the life skills to be successful in the future.
 1529The vision of AgrAbility is to enable a high quality lifestyle for farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural workers with disabilities. While the term "disability" often brings to mind conditions such as spinal cord injuries and amputations, AgrAbility addresses not only these but also many other conditions, such as arthritis, back impairments, and behavioral health issues.
AgrAbility enjoys working with FFA and 4-H youth to get them more involved in agricultural and share the mission of AgrAbility with them.
 2162Participation in the FFA allows students to learn more about career options, and each serves as an opportunity to develop leadership and personal skills that will lead to success. Each year, out graduates enter a wide range of career fields that they enjoy and excel in because of the education and opportunities that were presented to them through the FFA and their college experiences.
What are your interests–ecology, biological science, technology, or business? Maybe you just know you like the outdoors or animals or electronics or science or working with people. Perhaps you already have a career in mind: physician, forester, veterinarian, food technologist, landscape designer, researcher, banker or engineer. If you’re undecided or have a specific goal, the colleges and universities of agriculture in Texas are places to explore strengths, discover careers and build your future
 1939The Agricultural Marketing Resource Center is an electronic, national resource for producers interested in value-added agriculture. Browse commodities and products, investigate market and industry trends, study business creation and operation, read research results and locate value-added resources.
Provides educational resources for students and sample curriculum for instructors.
 1905We provide free, on-line, complete curriculum materials for Agriculture Science Teachers covering courses such as: Veterinary Medical Applications, Small Animal Management, Livestock Production, and Advanced Animal Science topics.
The FFA fosters excellence in the personal and agricultural aspects of students lives. This allows the PEER program to achieve its mission to promote science and veterinary-related education and careers among K-12 students. Together we are able to help develop young adults who will make a valuable impact in our community.
 1914**Curriculum and other resources for education of students in agriculture, food and natural resources. **Students connected to agriculture and prepared for jobs/careers in agriculture
Students from FFA programs are ideal candidates for postsecondary agriculture, food and natural resources programs, and membership in the National Postsecondary Agricultural Student Organization (PAS).
 1239Alltech is a global leader in the animal health and nutrition industry and among the top 10 animal health companies in the world, focused on natural scientific solutions to today’s biggest agriculture and food industry challenges.
Similar to FFA, we strive to help the agriculture industry the world over to tackle issues and promote innovation.
 745AOBA serves the following purposes: (1) To promote public awareness and membership appreciation of the Alpaca's unique qualities; (2) To educate the membership on the care and breeding of the Alpaca; (3) To promote the growth of the Alpaca industry as a whole; and (4) To foster the establishment of the breed outside of its native land by encouraging husbandry and breeding practices based upon, but not limited to, herd health, overall soundness, and alpaca fiber production and products.
To make positive difference in the lives of youth by developing their potential for leadership, personal growth, and success in the alpaca livestock industry.
 741Alpaca Registry, Inc. is a national pedigree registry for alpacas that represents primarilythe United States and Canada.
For promotion of the alpaca lifestyle to the youth who are the future of our agricultural industry.
 1665Monthly Agriculture Magazine with high content of FFA coverage. Please reserve us a tier one booth.
Because Eating is an Agriculture Thing. Without future farmers we will be a very hungry nation.
 531AALAS is the premier forum for the exchange of information and expertise in the care and use of laboratory animals with over 13,000 members. We are dedicated to the humane care and use of laboratory animals and the quality research that leads to scientific gains that benefit people and animals.
To assist in the education of the FFA members
 529One of the central missions of the AABP is to improve opportunities for careers in bovine medicine.
The AABP booth should be included with the AVMA block of booths
 432Swine veterinarians take care of and ensure the health and welfare of pigs.
FFA is a prime source of future veterinarians with an interest in swine.
Education of Youth about Dairy Goats.
 2213Ethanol, made right here in our backyards, has provided an unparalleled, value-added opportunity for agriculture and America. It has generated good paying jobs, spurred economic activity, and provided rural youth a reason and an opportunity to find jobs closer to home. Growth Energy is working to open the fuels market to more home grown energy to help foster even greater economic prosperity across our nation’s heartland.
is truly in every American’s best interests to support farmers and their production of both food and fuel. Whether it is ethanol produced from corn, waste-to-energy biomass power derived from crop residue, or wind energy harnessed on farm acres, unquestionably, our farmers help strengthen America’s economy and energy security.
 330AFBF is the unified national voice of agriculture, working through our grassroots organization to enhance and strengthen the lives of rural Americans and to build strong, prosperous agricultural communities.
So many of our members came up through the FFA system. We want to give back to this great organization as well as encourage FFA members to get involved in Farm Bureau after high school and college.
 545The American Quarter Horse Association keeps a registry of American Quarter Horses world wide. Books like the Junior Master Horseman series and events like the Youth Excellence Seminar and the Youth Racing Experience give lots of opportunities to be involved with horses. AQHYA also has leadership opportunities and contests for non-riding youth to be active. For more information on the work of AQHA visit: aqha.com.
The American Quarter Horse Youth Association has lots of programs and educational materials designed specifically for eager students such as FFA members. The FFA is an organization that stands on leadership and the foundations of agriculture, and after all, this great nation was built from the back of a horse.
 444National Association representing 81,000 sheep producers and providing promotion and education through both organizations.
Educating and supporting new producers and rebuilding the sheep industry is our primary goal. New producers come from our youth.
 1243ASABE is a technical and educational organization dedicated to the advancement of engineering in all aspects of agricultural, food, and biological systems.
ASABE looks upon FFA as the foremost organization for producing engineering leaders of tomorrow who understand the challenges of agricultural production and environmental stewardship, who can effectively merge technology with living systems, and who are prepared to provide the necessities of life—food, water, fiber, timber, and renewable fuels—for an ever-growing world population.
 1814ATP publishes a broad range of applied post secondary education content with leading programs in the Electrical trades, Construction trades, Maintenance trades, and Agricultural Mechanics.
We support FFA because of their committment to the best and brightest individuals that will lead our country in the future.
 437The AVMA, founded in 1863, is the world’s oldest and largest veterinary medical organization. More than 81,500 member veterinarians are engaged in a wide variety of professional activities. The AVMA is dedicated to advancing the science and art of veterinary medicine including public health and agriculture.
FFA members recognize the important role that veterinary medicine plays in agriculture and beyond. There is a strong interest in veterinary medicine among FFA members, and AVMA is proud to support aspiring veterinarians with information and resources regarding veterinary careers.
 767Careers in Welding information for students
Career support for students
 438The mission of the Animal Agriculture Alliance is to communicate the importance of modern animal agriculture to consumers and the media. The Alliance educates these audiences about topics ranging from animal welfare to biotechnology using reliable, science-based information.
The Alliance seeks to empower the next generation of farmers and ranchers to be advocates for agriculture in their communities. Agriculture has a wonderful story to tell!
 343The Appaloosa Horse Club is the international breed registry for the Appaloosa Horse.
As a top ten equine registry, the Appaloosa Horse Club strives to support groups which promote agricultural endeavors to youth.
 1821Aquatic Eco-Systems: • Has supported FFA for over ten years. • Has served the aquaculture industry for over 30 years. • Provides systems and expertise around the world for fish farms and hydroponics facilities of all sizes. • Promotes sustainable practices through aquaculture.
AES supports FFA in order to provide educators the means to teach aquaculture and hydroponics in the classroom. The organization share's our company's passion for agriculture and aquaculture, and we wish to help ensure the growth and health of the industry through our young people. Several members of our staff were members of FFA, and it is our honor to offer our continued support to that community.
 2416Arizona State University has several programs within the Morrison School of Agribusiness and Resource Management that directly prepare students for careers in the agricultural industry. Our Global Agribusiness program prepares for careers in management, marketing, finance and technical positions with private agribusiness firms and governmental agencies. The Agribusiness Science (pre-vet) degree covers Veterinary School requirements, as well as provides a unique selling point – a business degree
Arizona State University recognizes The National FFA Organization as a premier leadership organization. FFA students are better equipped with tools they need for academic success. As many of our students in the Morrison School of Agribusiness and Resource Management are former High School FFA members, we are able to see firsthand how FFA has helped to make them leaders. They are the most focused, driven students who have a high level of participation in extracurricular activities. It is our desi
 1943The National Guard and specifically their Agribusiness Development Teams contribute to agriculture in a variety ways. Take for example, the National Guard's Agribusiness Development Teams who are using their civilian-acquired skills to promote sustainable farming practices in Afghanistan. Other Agribusiness Development Teams are teaching local Afghans to grow and harvest legal and profitable crops like trellis grapes instead of poppy.
The National Guard supports the National FFA organization because like the National Guard, both organizations share many of the same goals. Some of these goals are: encouraging excellence, strengthening character, and promoting healthy lifestyles. Both organizations recognize the importance of agriculture, agribusiness and sustainable energy/resources.
 929AT&T is committed to connecting rural communities and increasing broadband aoption as it offers increased economic, health and educational opportunities for residents and rural/agri-business.
Education is a core issue area for AT&T as it speaks to the global competitiveness of our company. As a corporate citizen, AT&T supports educational organizations and through company initiatives, such as the $100 million ASPIRE program to curb the high school dropout rate, offers job shadowing, mentoring and internships for talented youth across the country. FFA's similar commitment to leadership & agri-education offers rich opportunites for partnership.
 957Atlas is a manufacturer of Educational Greenhouses which are utilized in teaching horticulture curriculum on High School and College campuses.
FFA is a great organization, training tommorow leaders and securing the future of America's agriculture.
 2329Our organization supports the National FFA Organization because it prepares students for successful careers and a lifetime of informed choices in the global agriculture, food, fiber and natural resouces systems. Students who have participated in FFA are ready to tackle the challenges of higher education and pursue their dreams, while making a positive difference in those around them.
The Auburn University College of Agriculture offers 18 different majors and minors that prepare students not only to help sustain the high level of food and fiber that people rely on for their most basic needs, but also to address such issues as natural resources conservation, environmental protection, local and global economic development, and, ultimately, improvements in the health, quality of life and well-being of humankind and the planet.
Lifetime Greenhouse Bench Systems by A-V International are constructed of fiberglass frames & legs and polypropylene bench tops. A-V Bench Systems are long lasting, safe to use (no sharp edges or wires), strong and structural, and are easy to clean and disinfect. Additionally, Lifetime Bench Systems will not rust, twist, warp, or decay and are UV protected for outdoor use. Single and multi-tier designs are available for design flexibility and maximum space utilization. The polypropylene bench tops can be purchased separately to install on existing frames of any type.
 1661To instill our country "roots" in our young people!
I feel the FFA is maybe the only organization left that is still about our roots!! I was a part of the FFA in School! Raised on a small ranch! This country need organization that will instill root values in our youth!
 1762We are a national sponsor with the FFA. Part of our proceeds go back to the FFA organization.
We are a custom screen printing apparel company that is a national sponsor of the FFA (Mickey Miller).
 1429Bayer CropScience strives to be the global innovation leader, discovering new approaches and providing sustainable crop solutions from seed to harvest and beyond. We help farmers around the world meet the ever-increasing demand for affordable food, feed, fiber and energy crops. We share a passion for discovering integrated solutions and pioneering high-performing products with outstanding environmental properties to safeguard and boost agricultural yields.
Bayer CropScience has been a supporter of the National FFA for more than 60 years and is proud to continue the tradition in 2011. We believe in the future of the agriculture industry and understand the importance of educating and developing the future leaders for sustainable success.
 1662For 95+ years Berne Apparel has provided affordable, rugged insulated work wear to those on the field and on the home front.
Berne Apparel appreciates and supports the efforts FFA puts forth in providing leadership to today's agri-youth. Berne Apparel also works with this group in providing the them the apparel to work hard towards their future.
 2437We currently offer two-year degrees in Agriculture Transfer and mulitple Agriculture and Equine career curriculums. Our commitment to educational excellence is demonstsrated through our graduates and their ability to provide leadership for the future of Agriculture.
Black Hawk College supports the National FFA Organization because of its ability to develop leadership and personal growth through Agriculture Education at the middle school and high school levels.
 1810Briggs & Stratton is the world's largest producer of gasoline engines for outdoor power equipment. Its subsidiary Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group LLC is North America's #1 manufacturer of portable generators & pressure washers and a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of lawn & garden and turf care. Powered by research and innovation Briggs & Stratton has dramatically cut the environmental impacts of its manufacturing processes while also improving the performance of its products.
Briggs & Stratton Corporation is the leader in providing schools and instructors with educational resources on small engines. Whether you are new to small engines or a veteran, Briggs & Stratton has the right training materials for you and your school.
 328Buckeye Donkey Ball provides hundreds of fundraisers every year. The money earned from our events goes towards school organizations, like F.F.A. groups, to help fund projects, educational trips, and furnish needed equipment and supplies.
Buckeye Donkey Ball supports F.F.A. because we are farmers ourselves! Our fundraisers are a great fit for F.F.A. groups. Donkey basketball games are a fun way to raise money and interact with equine.
 1828Bunge North America is an important link in the producer-to-consumer food chain. We take pride in our role in agriculture: sourcing grains and oilseeds grown by farmers and turning them into feed and value-added food ingredients used by the most trusted names in the food industry.
To help educate & support the next generation
 2430In 2004, the Biological Sciences Department at Butler University created the Center for Urban Ecology (CUE). In a short period of time, the CUE has become a leader in developing small-scale urban agriculture. Additionally, the Butler University Campus Farm has been designated the pilot “Hub” for Indianapolis and will be a leader in promoting the benefits of urban agriculture throughout the city.
Butler University is proud welcome you to our hometown, as our campus is located just four and a half miles north of downtown. We value the hard work and dedication of all FFA members, and we recognize your outstanding leadership potential. It is our sincere hope that you have a positive experience at the National Convention and choose to include Butler University in your college search.
 839Provides greenhouse structures, ventelation, heating, irrigation, and equipment for horticulture purposes.
Reaching students that have an interest in agriculture as potential employees and future customers.
 1816Online provider of curriculum, instructional materials, and assessments for ag education.
It provides us to support our core customer base which is ag teachers.
 2343The College of Agriculture uses a "Learn by Doing" approach to prepare leadership in agriculture, food systems, natural resources and life sciences who are equipped to address the diverse needs of society.
Cal Poly prepares young people to be teachers of agriculture throughout California and promote the FFA.
 1635Call Before You Dig
Call Before You Dig Utility Safety
 1641We work hand in hand with local chapters to involve students of high school age in the study of natural resouce management and stewardship.We are the state contest for several state chapters to advance to the FFA National Environmental competition.
Canon Envirothon is the North American Competition support by local state and provincial Envirothons to advance natural resource/ environmental education awareness though a hands on outdoors competition.
 1813The CareerSafe Online presentation is designed to illustrate the need for youth safety programs by pointing out the current astonishing youth injury statistics, the percentage of youth who are currently employed, and the level of safety training young workers are currently receiving through classroom instruction. Programs, such as CareerSafe Online and the CareerSafe Youth Safety Initiative, strive to provide safety training for students nationwide per OSHA standards and regulations.
The CareerSafe program is an online safety program, which educates the youth demographic about OSHA standards and regulations, while providing them with a chance to receive an OSHA 10-Hour General Industry or an OSHA 10-Hour Construction Industry “10-Hour Card.” CareerSafe Online has reached over 200,000 youth across the nation and educated them on safe workplace practices.
 2006Cargill is an ag, food and risk mgt. company
Future Talent and Brand Exposure
 1371Last year and proposed for this year the same size-40 X 50= 20 booths.
 241Many of our members are past members or active members of FFA. We contribute scholarships at local levels and Ceres provides leadership involvement throughout one's college career.
Our organizaiton is based on our belief in the rural life and members who are in FFA are normally a great fit for our agricultural women's fraternity
 1923Teaching Agricultural Pathways with Multimedia Curriculum: Discover how to incorporate multimedia curriculum into the classroom which not only emphasizes the many technical skills involved in agricultural science education, but also promotes career exploration and real-world application. Featuring the use of DVDs, PowerPoint® presentations and interactive lesson plans, CEV Pathways are a perfect fit for all agricultural classrooms. Learn about our newest curriculum (i.e., Floral Design, Advanced Animal Science and Professional Communications) which features renowned experts, 3D graphics and lab-based activities.
 881Tractor Restoration for FFA projects. The restored tractors are then displayed to fundraise for area FFA chapters.
FFA is a character building organization for the youth of today. The benefits of being an FFA member are priceless. Being involved with our local FFA chapter, we have experienced first hand the positive results of being an FFA member. Leadership skills, determination, and responsibility are just a few of the assets FFA offers. FFA produces young adults who make a difference in our communities.
 1938Christian Kropf and its related companies have supported FFA chapters across the country with fresh fruit for fundraising for over 20 years. We have also grown fruit for 3 generations supplying the public.
This is a leadership organization that happens to be rural based, but the future contributions of the members will help everyone.
 2438FFA is a great youth organization.
Clemson University is South Carolina's land-grant university providing teaching, research and outreach in the agricultural and natural resource disciplines.
 2530The premier leadership, personal growth, and career success emphasized in the National FFA Organization are also valued by the faculty, staff and students within the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. This makes a smooth transition from Blue and Gold to Scarlet and Gray!
The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at the Ohio State University strives to educate students to use their talents and skills to positively impact the world through Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources. Our impact on agriculture is through graduates who impact the world as leaders, professionals and educated citizens.
 2339CSU supports FFA because of the strong leadership qualities that FFA students bring to CSU.
Colorado State University College of Agricultural Sciences offers nine majors with 22 concentrations in five departments. The beautiful CSU campus is located in Fort Collins, along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Continental Kennel Club has a long standing tradition of supporting FFA through sponsorship and participation in FFA events and activities. CKC shares the FFA mission of instilling character and values in the youth of our country through education and participation in programs that prepare students for careers in agriculture related professions and industries, many of which involve working side by side with man’s best friend, the dog.  The Canine Care and Training program (CCTP) is an exciting school based program developed by CKC for the purpose of teaching students about the proper, responsible, and ethical treatment, handling, and training of dogs.

We invite teachers, educators and students to become a part of this vision through the Continental Kennel Club’s Canine Care and Training Program.
 2445Cornell Univesity's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences prepares agricultural scientists, leaders, and teachers for the future of agriculture.
FFA develops next generation agricultural leaders, scientists, and teachers. This aligns with the aims of Cornell's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
 1561We make candles from soy!
Our candles are made from an agricultural product. We provide a high quality product and guarantee a profit to your chapter.
 243Country Meats supports the pork industry by using thousands of pounds of trim/lean pork in the making of their sticks.
Country Meats has helped FFA Chapters and other school groups raise over $18 million since 1985. We provide top quality meat sticks for FFA to use in raising money for their chapter projects, goals and travel needs.
 1029Crop Production Services Is one of the largest direct to grower retailers of fertilizer seed and chemicals in North America, ,with over 900 retail locations in 45 States plus Western Canada. ****We do not want to be located next to CHS or Agriliance, We would be ok with being next to Dow, BASF, or Monsanto. We prefer to as close to the entrance as possible. Jennifer knows our preference for location. please review with her.
FFA ia an organization that focuses on education and training of young people interested in agriculture. In our view, FFA is helping to train the next generation of leaders in agriculture. We support that effort!
CSX is a leading supplier of rail-based freight transportation in North America. The CSX Transportation network encompasses about 21,000 route miles of track in 23 states, the District of Columbia and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Our transportation network serves some of the largest population centers in the nation. More than two-thirds of Americans live within CSX’s service territory, accounting for about three-quarters of the nation’s consumption
 1629Sustainable Dairy Farming
Many of our leaders in the organization started with the FFA in school. This is a valuable organization that introduces the future workforce to the many possibilities of a career in agriculture.
 2434We are a Collegiate FFA chapter that promotes FFA throughout campus and the state of Pennsylvania, to encourage more members to join the most wonderful organization and make a differnce in the lives of other FFA and non-FFA members.
We are an agricultural college that promotes various career opportunites for current and future students. The Delaware Valley Collegiate FFA chapter attends National Convention every year to help promote the agricultural industry in Pennsylvania.
To provide highly customized learning solutions for FFA members.
 2433The premier leadership, personal growth, and career success emphasized in the National FFA Organization are also valued by the faculty, staff and students within the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. This makes a smooth transition from Blue and Gold to Scarlet and Gray!
The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at the Ohio State University strives to educate students to use their talents and skills to positively impact the world through Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources. Our impact on agriculture is through graduates who impact the world as leaders, professionals and educated citizens.
 2451Des Moines Area Community College offers Associate of Applied Science degrees in Agribusiness, Commercial Horticulture and Veterinary Technology. Students have the opportunity to prepare for a variety of agricultural careers in agronomy, animal science, farm management, sales, and sustainable agriculture or continue their education at a four year degree granting institution as a transfer student.
DMACC supports the National FFA Organization as a way to maintain a connection with potential students who will need to further their education after high school. Traditionally, the FFA provides students through agricultural education programs with a strong starting place for career success.
 2263Dordt College offers a full comprehensive Bachelors degree in Agriculture with emphasis in Animal Science, Plant Science, Ag- Business, Pre-Vet and Environmental Agriculture.
FFA is committed to supporting the field of Agriculture and to the development of tomorrow's Agriculture leaders.
 2209Providing Funds to allow Ag groups like the FFA to grow
FFA is the Best Leadership Training in American Schools Period!!
 1328, 1825Providing world class genetics to agriculture.
 2422EKU's Agriculture Department educates future agriculturists and horticulturists.
FFA educates agriculture leaders at the secondary level, many of whom attend EKU and have become leaders within our department.
 729Elanco holds corporate social responsibility as an important company priority consistent with its values. We have focused our efforts on areas where we have the deepest expertise and interest — animal health and animal production — and thus can have the greatest impact. The five key areas of our philanthropic and social responsibility efforts are: world hunger, agriculture leadership, the human-animal bond, the environment, and community service.
Elanco is a global, innovation-driven company that develops and markets products to improve animal health and protein production in more than 75 countries. Elanco is committed to protein production, companion animal health and food safety. Elanco products help the food industry produce an abundant supply of safe, nutritious and affordable food. Additionally, they enhance animal health, wellness and the human-pet bond.
 1742shaing information on how agriculture protects drinking water sources
FFA develops national leaders in agriculture.
 2018FFA is a strong growing market in conjunction with the 4H programs as well.
FFA is a strong growing market in conjunction with the 4H programs as well.
 2004Excel Sportswear believes in the values, knowledge and experiences the FFA is able to bring to the members and communities around the world. Its why we offer our shirts with no art, screen or setup fees; to show our support and to give back to this amazing organization.
Excel Sportswear is an Official Licensee of the FFA. We help Chapters with custom, hand drawn, Chapter shirts, hats and hooded sweatshirts.
 1951Farm Credit supports agriculture and rural America locally and nationally. This year, we will provide millions of dollars toward activities such as professional organizations that advocate for the rights, health, safety and financial well-being of farmers and ranchers; commodity associations seeking funding for educational programs; programs that benefit young, beginning, small and minority (YBSM) farmers and ranchers; programs created by agriculturally focused youth organizations.
One of our primary missions is to serve youth in agriculture, and the FFA is one of the best ways we do that.
 1913Farm Works Software, a division of Trimble, offers software technology to schools that want to teach GPS, farm business management, or livestock management to their students.
FFA is a great organization that provides leadership and opportunities to young men and women in agriculture. Trimble is the leader in software and precision ag hardware so it is likely these promising young students will come in contact with our technology in the future.
 1269Farmers Feeding the World is an industry-wide campaign operated by the nonprofit Farm Journal Foundation to rally American agriculture for the war against hunger. We raise financial support for organizations already on the front lines in fighting global and domestic hunger and we educate the general public about U.S. agriculture’s role in feeding a hungry world.
As future farmers, ranchers, scientists and agribusiness people, FFA members across the country represent the future of food sustainability. Utilizing bright minds and embracing technology, they will fight for food security as their generation faces the greatest hunger challenge our world has ever seen. Farmers Feeding the World proudly supports FFA members in this great endeavor.
 1769We tell farmers about Jesus Christ
To see young people come to Christ
 237FarmHouse is a fraternity dedicated to the building of men. It's a college home in which a man can be: creative, share responsibilities, make lasting friendships, express his inner self in an atmosphere of trust and understanding, learn lessons in living in a community of which he is an integral part, be accepted as a participant, learn the essence of brotherhood, and learn the caring of one man - and of a community of men - Many FarmHouse Men become leaders in the Agriculture industry.
FarmHouse Fraternity has had 62 National FFA Officers. FarmHouse Fraternity is what it is by reason of the faithful, loyal, and enthusiastic efforts of members of the fraternity. Whatever greatness it may boast, whatever influence it wields, whatever reputation it may have, all of these and each of these are to be credited to the members of the organization. FFA builds individuals with many of the same attributes.
 961Fastenal is a nationwide distributor of industrial and construction supplies and leader in inventory control services.
Fastenal supports the National FFA because it is a great organization and plays an important role in America's economy, both past and present.
 1669Coordination of tornado, hurricane, flood disaster relief with FFA Chapters and Colliegiate FFA in Louisiana, Texas, Kansas and Arkansas. Farms destroyed are rebuilt by FFA & FCFI volunteers.
Nearly all 14,000 Fellowship of Christian Farmers, International members are former FFA members and wore the blue and gold jackets. We are and were FFA.
 340FFA members are the future of Agriculture and Ag orginizations like Farm Bureau. Most of the leaders of Farm Bureau came up through the FFA program and we are supportive of the FFA across the country.
Florida Farm Bureau assists its member farmers in promoting their Ag products through education and marketing.
 1829To support FFA Chapters with Quality Fruit for their fundraising fruit sales.
We care about the education with today and tomorrows students.
 845Flower Power Fundraising, America’s #1 Earth-Friendly Fundraiser helps schools, churches, and civic organizations raise millions of dollars selling flower bulbs and plants. The easier, stress-free way to raise funds. • 50% Profit • Direct Shipment To Supporters • Catalog and Online Fundraising Options • Top-Quality Plants Available • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
FFA's brand and mission are congruent with Flower Power's desire to improve the world through gardening.
 456Ford Trucks are crucial to agriculture. Ford has supported FFA since 1948, and is the largest corporate sponsor of scholarships to FFA members.
Automobile Manufacturer
 1730The FFA organization if filled with the best our nation has to offer. We support their efforts by offering a fundraising opportunity that supports and promotes a chapter's standing in their school and community.
The Gordon Bernard Company is the oldest nationwide fundraising company. Our calendars promote school and community spirit, generous profits and great public relations all year.
 843As a supplier to both farmers and food processors who store, condition, and move grain, GSI is the world’s largest manufacturer of galvanized steel grain storage bins. As a company it globally offers complete grain storage and handling systems featuring the most technologically advanced and user-friendly control systems in the industry.
As an agribusiness, much of our past and current successes can be traced to the exceptional foundation the FFA organization has given to many of our customers, our dealers, and our employees. Our company’s future success and growth lie in the talent and upcoming leadership that we continue to find in today’s FFA participants.
 2424At Hawkeye we have a strong ag department with areas of study in Animal Science, Ag Business, Natural Resources and Horticulture.
We feel that the FFA organization is a premier leadership organization that enables youth to develop into the future leaders we need in the agriculture world.
 1908Hobar Publications was founded in 1964 and became a division of Finney Company in 1996. What started with a single book on concrete masonry has evolved into a publishing and distribution company offering more than 5,000 quality educational products in agricultural, career and technical materials.
Hobar Publications believes in the strong values the FFA organization is instilling in its members to become the vibrant leaders and employees of today.
 980The Hobart Institute of Welding Technology is a nonprofit institution dedicated to welding training and excellence education. The Institute educates and trains individuals in the use and application of welding technologies.
Many of our students are FFA members and we support them in their endeavors.
We believe in the fundamentals provided by FFA to our nations youth. This is our favorite show of the year, we love to see the kids and how much they are into welding and our products.
 2418Hocking College runs the largest 2-year School of Natural Resources in the U.S., including majors in Wildlife Mgt, Equine, GeoEnvironmental Science and more.
We prefer to recruit motivated, focused, talented, and engaged students who have an appreciation of the natural word. FFA members are some of our best prospects!
 1918Holistic Management International (HMI) is an Albuquerque-based international non-profit organization whose mission is to educate people to manage land for a sustainable future. We believe people count, healthy land is essential, and money matters. We accomplish our mission by delivering a variety of programs and services designed to educate and support farmers, ranchers and land stewards in their efforts to enhance the land through Holistic Management®, a whole ranch/farm planning system.
HMI supports the National FFA Organization as the missions of both organizations promote agricultural education. At HMI we realize the need to educate young people, so they’ll have the tools and knowledge they need to put their passion to work in building a sustainable future.
 1563Hummert International is a third generation family-owned wholesale distributor of horticulture products. We have been in business since 1932. Today, Hummert International has customers in all 50 states and more than 100 countries world-wide. We have been hosting Greenhouse Short Courses for Ag-teachers teachers for 16 years. We take pride in giving back to our industry, customer service, our diverse inventory, our easy access on-line ordering, and our world-renowned catalog.
We believe in FFA.
 1050Forestry & Outdoor Power Equipment Manufacturer
 2317ICC offers Associate degrees in Agriculture for those students wishing to transfer to a four-year university as well career curriculums including Horticulture, Diesel Power Euipment Technology, Food and Consumer Science, and a variety of automotive, power and manufacturing programs.
The Core Values of Illinois Central College closely align with those of the National FFA organization with its ability to develop leadership and personal growth through its members.
 2452We prepare young people for a variety of careers in Agriculture. Students in our major can specialize in one of ten sequences covering aspects of ag business, animal and plant sciences, ag education and communications, horticulture and many others.
Train Ag Teachers, Host State FFA events, help with the National FFA Ag Mechanics CDE
 1633The mission of the Society of American Foresters is to advance the science, education, technology and practice of forestry; to enhance the competency of its members; to establish standards of professional excellence; and to use the knowledge, skills and conservation ethic of the profession to ensure the continued health and use of forest ecosystems and the present and future availability of forest resources to benefit society.
ISAF believes the in overall mission of FFA. We are also strong supporters of FFA's efforts to encourage and broaden the participation of youth in resource management.
 2217Air Tools to service all types of farm machinery and equipment. Plus school and student discount program.
Investing in our children is investing in our future
 2251develop & distribute curriculum materials for Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources education since 1965; part of the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communications at TAMU
Faculty is composed of former ATSs & FFA members; we develop & distribute the Poultry Evaluation CDE handbook & various other poultry CDE materials
 1904Intelliprep provides CDE material for students and instructors.
Provides educational materials for the Agricultural Classroom
 847Greenhouse, Horticulture, and Plant Sciences. Structures and Supplies
Because we believe in the future of Agriculture!
 739We educate people about camelids and provide the opportunity to register llamas, alpacas, guanacos, and vicunas.
Youth are the future of our industry.
 944As a member of the green industry we support all efforts to sustain a healthy planet.
ISA strongly supports expanding the career and educational opportunities for agriculture students. We believe that by working with FFA we can enrich the experiences of students entering both agriculture and arboriculture.
 1056Sheet metal workers provide and maintain valuable infrastructure to the agricultural industry. The ITI consists of 160 training centers across the country, training people to meet the needs of the challenging world of modern agriculture.
The International Training Institute supports the FFA in it's mission of placing members into entry level career opportunities as apprentices in the sheet metal industry. Apprenticeship opportunities in the sheet metal industry include entry level, earn-as-you-learn positions within the industrial, welding and food service specialties to name a few. It's a great place to start a life long career while developing and applying technical and leadership skills.
 329The Internet Innovation Alliance is a broad-based coalition supporting broadband availability and access for all Americans including underserved and rural communities. It aims to ensure every American, regardless of race, income or geography, has access to this critical tool. The IIA seeks to promote public policies that leverage the power of entrepreneurs and the market to achieve universal broadband availability and adoption.
We are supportive of initiatives that seek to expand access to opportunities for all Americans, including those for rural Americans. Broadband is the bridge that will tie rural America to our nation's economic mainstream. Increased access means increased local job growth, enhanced economic options for younger generations, providing new tools to farmers and ranchers to grow their businesses, and expanded access to educational opportunities.
 2244Iowa State University is a top-tier land grant institution with strengths in academic programs related to the agricultural industry.
FFA provides students with exposure to a broad array of agricultural topics and provides opportunities for competition and leadership development.
 261We try to make FFA students aware of job opportunities at one of our more than 150 training centers in North America.
We support FFA by offering job placement in the union Ironworking Industry.
 1631We support FFA because the future of the agricultural and irrigation industry's depends on young people to be educated efficiently. The Foundation strives for a future where the irrigation industry is thriving with an ample supply of educated, highly skilled professionals who employ technology and best practices to provide efficient irrigation solutions that protect water resources.
 1911The Noisy Planet launches “Keeping Noises Down on the Farm,” an awareness campaign specifically targeted to parents of future farmers on how to protect their hearing while living and working on the farm. Tractors, combines, off-road vehicles and even squealing pigs can put young farmers’ hearing at risk. The Noisy Planet’s “Keeping Noise Down on the Farm” campaign provides important information on how parents can help protect our future farmers’ ears and keep their hearing healthy.
The Noisy Planet’s “Keeping it Down on the Farm” outreach campaign supports farmers and their families by alerting them to potentially damaging noises on the farm, and how farming families can protect their hearing. Young and future farmers need all of their senses to meet today’s natural resources systems challenges. By creating the “Keeping it Down on the Farm” materials, the Noisy Planet is helping to keep future farmers’ hearing healthy and strong.
 2061Ivy Tech Community College offers Associate's degrees in Agriculture & other fields, for both students wishing to transfer to a 4 year institution and those wishing to enter the workforce after compelting their degree with us.
FFA is a premier leadership training organization.
 1767Greenhouse Manufacturing Co.,
Manufacturing greenhouse for the future
 1729Joe’s uses 5 million ears of sweet corn and 10 million red potatoes every year. These items plus the 1 million pounds of butter and the locally sourced seasonal vegetables are part of what makes our food so craveable. Without them, our Steampots, Crab in a Bucket and other signature items just wouldn’t be the same!
Joe’s supports the FFA because we strive to be an industry leader in food safety and quality. We realize that innovation comes through the best and brightest of our younger generation and the FFA is a great catalyst for cultivating those ideas. Joe’s is a growing branding, and we look to folks from the FFA to help shape our future
 crest_logo_color 450
 2163Johnson & Wales University offers more than 40 majors in Business, Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Technology at campuses in Providence, Rhode Island; North Miami, Florida; Denver, Colorado and Charlotte, North Carolina. National Student Organizations Scholarships range up to full tuition for FFA members. In the last year alone JWU awarded more than $2.6 million in FFA scholarships.
 2239At Joliet Junior College we strive to provide students with the education and experiences that will best prepare them a wide array of careers in agriculture.
We strongly support the FFA because we witness each day the advantage in leadership, communications, and relationship skills that students with an FFA experience posess. FFA membership makes students better prepared for challenges of both college and career.
 633American Boer Goat Association~Registry of boer goats
promotes agricultural education for youth.
 2340We have registered for 4 booths. They need to be linear, four booth in a single row.
K-State Ag recognizes the valuable experiences that the FFA provides students through agricultural education and encourages students to expand upon those experiences in the College of Agriculture. Through academics, leadership and involvement, research, study abroad, and student-focused faculty, K-State Ag prepares you for a multitude of career opportunities.
 535Kent Feeds has been a long time supporter of the National FFA Organization. We believe that to invest in tomorrow's youth is essential for the future of agriculture.
In 2010, it was announced Kent, Blue Seal and Evergreen Mills would consolidate to form one new company called the Kent Nutrition Group. This company was created to better serve the evolving needs of specific customer segments and operates under two divisions — feed and pet. The feed division is focused on commercial livestock productivity for beef, pork and dairy, as well as country lifestyle animals, including equine, poultry, goats, alpaca and rabbits, for example.
 235We are a Grain and Livestock farm in OHIO. We are both FFA & 4H Alumni and Current Boosters in our area. WE believe that our children are our future and with that we need to help them find careers that can educated them in the Agri business field off the farm as well as on the Farm. Farming is our way of life & it would be nice to share this opportunity with young adults to help them financially with there education as well as business skills.
Scentsy Wickless Candles was developed in Idaho by a family of Sheep Farmers. The CEO of the company was involved in FFA and 4H. He developed the company to be able to be a CLEAN BURNING and Safe Contribution to the Environment. The re is no open flame with these products. The wax is made from pure Vegetable oil that is American produced. The wax is also safe and non toxic. The pottery is hand made and is made from clay which is extracted from "ROCKS to CLAY".
 2008The mission of KAH is to reduce the number of hungry children in the U.S. and starving children around the world. KAH’s contributions to agriculture mirrors that of the FFA in that we strive to make a positive difference in the lives of students by providing them the opportunity to participate in a life-changing service project. As they package meals they develop leadership skills, confidence and interpersonal skills while building character and promoting a sense of volunteerism.
KAH shares the FFA’s mission to make a positive difference in the lives of students. The youth of FFA are the future leaders of America. Statistics tell us every 6 seconds a child dies because they do not get enough to eat. The US has the ability to feed the world but can’t until we have leaders who recognize the problem of world hunger and commit to finding a solution for it. KAH has the solution. Together we will energize the future leaders of America and challenge them to feed the world.
 1076Kohler Engines
Small Engines that provide power and technical systems for Agriculture.
 2157Community College with diverse degree offerings.
Large agriculture division, well-known for it's students and instructors.
 2155Lamar Community College supports the education, service, and leadership development the National FFA Organization provides to students. We believe in the future of agriculture and support those organizations that are preparing todays youth to make a positive difference in the world around them.
Lamar Community College offers several options for students who are interested in obtaining their education in Agriculture.
 639, 640LAND O'LAKES PURINA FEED is the #1 livestock and lifestyle feed marketer in North America. From companion animals to livestock, we make premium feed for healthy, growing animals. The Checkerboard is one of the most recognized symbols in Animal Nutrition. For animal owners, it signifies quality and innovation. No other national brand of feed has invested more time in research and understanding the needs of our customers and their animals. Everyday, we feed more than 100 million animals.
Land O'Lakes helps rural communities prosper and prepare for tomorrow by donating resources that develop and strengthen organizations dedicated to human services, education and youth, civic activities and the arts.
 1837Suporting the FFA through attending many state as well as the national convention. Growing our own fruit for the kids to sell for their FFA fundraising projects.
The FFA is a must have program in the United Sates of America. It gives the kids a sense on self & confidence that our youth needs now more than ever.
 567Lincoln Electric is committed to promoting safe welding practices and state of the art welding training materials.
Lincoln Electric believes in the same values that the FFA stands for.
 1839Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraising Programs allows groups to raise money to support thier group's agricultural activities
We support the NAtional FFA by helping its members raise money to explore agricultural opportunities and educational activities.
 2020Displayed last year
Good organization
 2054, 2056Local Dirt is an online site where anyone can buy, sell, feature and find local food. We make local food work...for everyone.
Farming is essential to our health, well-being and national security. FFA members are our future.
 341To help promote the future of Agriculture
Manufacture Hot-Dipped Galvanized Livestock Equipment and Digital Scales
To recruit students for our educational programs.
Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory has been a long time supporter of FFA by providing students, teachers and advisors ways to further their experience while attending the national convention.
 942Design, Build and manufacture greenhouses
FFA has been a good avenue to reach out to high schools and interested growers.
 1764The youth of today are leaders of the future. MATHESON provides innovated quality products and services. These can be used in the educational process now and become products of choice as they develop their own businesses or join a corporation.
MATHESON sells directly to the agricultural environments, selling welding equipment & safety supplies for maintenance/repair and construction purposes. MATHESON sells specialty gases used in food processing.
 1841Being buyers and sellers of American Growers products in all growing regions of the United States.
 1836McKee Foods purchases tremendous amounts of agricultural products used as ingredients in Little Debbie® snacks including flour, rice, corn syrup and dairy and egg products which help support the farming community. Additionally, our food waste is processed into feed products farmers use supporting agriculture’s sustainability efforts.
Without the farmers’ commitment to providing plentiful and nutritious food products, McKee Foods would not be able to produce the fine snacks they do. The future of McKee Foods is dependent on the future of agriculture. We locally support local FFA chapter activities through product donations as a way to support the young men and women who seek to enter the agriculture industry.
We are looking for the leaders of tomorrow
 2153Meredith Manor is a nationally accredited equestrian career college preparing students for successful equine careers as horse trainers, riding instructors, equine massage therapists, stable managers, farriers and more. Riding majors include Dressage, Jumping & Western. Career Emphasis Areas include Training, Teaching, Equine Massage, Equine Breeding, Barn Management, Horse Health, Equine Business Management, Farrier and Forging.
Meredith Manor provides our students with the skills necessary to enjoy life long careers with horses. We are committed to providing a hands-on, skill based education which will enable our students to deal with horses in all aspects of the industry in the most humane manner possible, without the use of force or punishment.
 2338Our graduates are trained in 40+ technical skills and will seek employment in a variety of industries in the U.S. to include agricultural-related technical positions.
We have partnered with a variety of technical and mechanical companies across the U.S. and many of them are looking for graduates from our program that have strong mechanical skills, troubleshooting expertise, and a great work ethic. We find these qualities in FFA members and they excel in our program at MIAT>
 2252MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources offers 19 majors, 13 specializations, and 12 certificate programs in scientific agriculture, natural resources, and applied technologies.
 2151Midway College offers Bachelors degrees in Equine Studies with Concentrations in Equine Health & Rehabilitation and Equine Management
Midway College has taken part in the National FFA Convention for the past several years. Midway supports the learning opportunities that this organization provides to all whom participate.
 339Miller Manufacturing Company is a market-leading manufacturer, distributor and marketer of farm, ranch and pet products which are sold under the brand names of Little Giant®, Hot-Shot® and Pet Lodge™. Since 1941 we have provided farmers, horse owners and hobbyist’s quality, professional grade products for use in the farm and ranch environment.
Miller Manufacturing Supports the National FFA Organization because we know they are the next generation for agriculture. Current FFA members are our future customers and we are proud to invest in agriculture’s future.
 2147The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) presents a broad array of opportunities for the study of life, encompassing 10 schools and departments. Together, they offer 15 majors and 46 concentrations for undergraduates and ten majors and 30 concentrations for graduate degrees. Many departments house specialized research centers that have attr
Our college supports the FFA by hosting regional and state FFA competitions on our campus where we actively recruit students for our college degree programs.
 2141The William H. Darr School of Agriculture consists about four hundred graduate and undergraduate students majoring in Agricultural Business, Agricultural Communications, Agricultural Education, Agronomy, Animal Science, Food Plant Management, General Agriculture, Horticulture, Pre-Professional in Veterinary Medicine, Technology Education, Wildlife/Conservation Management, and a cooperative Masters in Plant Science.
Collegiate FFA is a club for any major on campus who wants to continue their involvement in FFA. Collegiate FFA is an opportunity for students to continue to build leadership and communication skills, participate in service projects and social activities, and recruit prospective students. Members also get an opportunity to work District FFA contests and proctor the National Parliamentary Procedure Contest at National FFA Convention
 971We train welders for the welding positions in field and manufacturing trades.
Provides young people with various life building skills.
 2145Founding institution in the Midwest Studies initiative.
 939Information has been previously provided
Information has been previously provided
 1955The youth are our future. FFA is the vehicle that provides the youth with unique and powerful tools to become successful and become the leaders of tomorrow.
Montana Silversmiths is a manufacturer of western buckles and jewelry. Our buckles are used as awards for achievement.
 2362Much more than a degree. Ultimately, every college student wants to obtain a degree. But at Morehead State, the environment in which you earn your degree is what makes the difference. We offer you a regional college atmosphere with a land-grant quality education. Our faculty strives to maintain small class sizes, creating an intense hands-on learning environment.
FFA is a wonderful organization that not only teaches youth about the many benefits of agriculture, but prepares many of them for a career in a related field. The responsibility, information, and character gained through the FFA program provides freshman coming into our program an advantage. Keeping youth interested in agriculture is paramount to it's future.
 2143College of Agriculture and Technology within the State University of New York, offering degree programs in Agricultural Business, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Mechanics, Agricultural Science, Animal Science, Aquaculture Science, Dairy Management, Equine Science, Horticulture, Landscape, Natural Resource Conservation, Renewable Energy Technology, Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Criminal Justice, Wood Technology,Mechanical Engineering, Nursing, and many others.
Many students at Morrisville are involved with our Collegiate FFA organization on campus. We offer serveral agricultural and technology degrees which the FFA members are enrolled in at our college.

While the emphasis of FFA is on Agricultural Education, FFA also provides great opportunities for Leadership development and community service while still promoting the importance of academic success.  Young ladies and men that are active FFA participants are well-rounded outstanding individuals. 

While we do not specifically have an Agricultural Education program, many of our engineering degrees can relate to industry.  Our engineering and engineering/technology degree programs include Biomedical, Computer, Electrical, Energy, Mechanical, and Motorsports.  Engineering and engineering/technology degree programs provide great opportunities for employment and making a difference in the future. 

 1763Mud Hole believes FFA provides resources to their members that instill a passion for learning and exhibits exemplary working skills.
Mud Hole offers Educational Programs designed to teach students how to build fishing rods, lures and fly tying.
 2139Murray State University School of Agriculture provides a quality, hands-on education in the agricultural science and animal technology fields.
Murray State University wants FFA students on campus. FFA members are leaders and are outstanding students!!
 1915, 335Through an ethical direct trade agreement with our farmers they are receiving three times more for their coffee beans than the fair trade price. This allows for increased wages to migrant pickers. Also, our farmers use the husk and chaff waste that comes from the coffee bean during the milling process as a weed block and organic fertilizer which supports the decreased use of chemicals during the coffee growing process.
We support FFA because our business of growing and producing coffee for consumption is directly linked to agriculture.
 1645Association for Agricultural Operators and Owners
The FFA is a fine organization and is doing a great job educating our youth about agriculture
 1820NAAE is the professional association for agricultural educators in the United States. It provides its nearly 8,000 members with professional liability insurance, professional development and advocacy services.

The mission of NAAE is “professionals providing agricultural education for the global community through visionary leadership, advocacy and service.”
 1643Conservation districts have played a key role in recovering from the Dust Bowl. Conservation district efforts at the local level have assisted landowners in the creation of healthier soils and cleaner water. Without these two key elements we wouldn’t have the highly productive agricultural land for crops and livestock.
Many of our conservation leadership were former FFA members and local conservation districts continue to need new leadership. We are reaching out to this next generation of FFA members to continue this trend. We also want to promote the work that FFA members collaborate with conservation districts such as soils judging, Ag week activities, Envirothon, and other natural resource projects.
 434The mission of NAVTA is to represent and promote the profession of veterinary technology. NAVTA provides direction, education, support and coordination for its members and works with other allied professional organizations for the competent care and humane treatment of animals
We support students who are interested in veterinary medicine.
 732The National Bison Association promotes career opportunities in bison production, processing, and marketing. FFA members represent the future of agriculture, including the bison business.
The National Bison Association represents producers, processors, and marketers who are all dedicated to the growth of bison herds and the popularity of bison meat.
 347NCBA is the national trade association representing U.S. cattle producers, with more than 28,000 individual members and sixty-four state affiliate, breed and industry organization members. Together NCBA represents more than 230,000 cattle breeders, producers and feeders. NCBA works to advance the economic, political and social interests of the U.S. cattle business and to be an advocate for the cattle industry's policy positions and economic interests.
With the beef industry changing so rapidly, identifying and educating leaders to help guide and strengthen the industry has never been so important. It is our responsibility to see that leadership development is successful. That is why we continue to invest in the future leaders of our industry through programs such as the Young Cattlemen’s Conference, and Young Producers Council.
 1760National Farmers Union has been working since 1902 to protect and enhance the economic well-being and quality of life for family farmers, ranchers and rural communities through advocating grassroots driven policy positions adopted by its membership.
Many of our members and leaders grew up participating in FFA programs. Both Farmers Union and FFA share a similar goal of wanting to build leadership skills in rural America's next generation.
 137FFA relies on the FFA Alumni for student recruiting, scholarships, support, advocating, training, mentoring and so much more. We believe every student deserves the opportunity to not only participate in FFA but to participate in every experience and activity!
Advocating for the future of Agriculture, ag education and FFA.
 1800, 885
 628The NJSA supports the National FFA Organization because we share the same beliefs about youth and agriculture. Both organizations strive to provide an environment where youth can succeed and learn about their passions for agriculture.
The National Junior Swine Association (NJSA) is the largest youth livestock organization in the world. We represent four purebred breeds of swine - Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace, and Yorkshire. The NJSA offers shows, programs, leadership conferences, and scholarships that promote the swine industry. We are a youth driven organization that works for the youth to offer opportunities to succeed in the swine industry.
 959NOYS supports youth-led and youth-empowered health and safety programs and projects.
FFA youth are community leaders who can educate their peers to make safe and healthy decisions.
 630Everything the National Pork Board does promotes, education, research and promotion of pork.
Pork Checkoff is a co-sponsor of the FFA Ambassador program, because we believe all of Agriculture needs to stand up and speak out about all the positive aspects of agriculture and in some cases set the record straight
 635The National Reining Horse Association is a nonprofit association dedicated to promoting and encouraging the development of and public interest in the sport of reining. The focus is on developing and maintaining suitable standards of performance and judging and in providing a fun filled, family-oriented atmosphere.
The NRHA recognizes that FFA members are the future leaders of all agriculture industries. We look forward to supporting your programs, chapers and members to help you continue your good work.
 1732Weather forecasts
For Student Careers
 2039NRCS's natural resources conservation programs help people reduce soil erosion, enhance water supplies, improve water quality, increase wildlife habitat, and reduce damages caused by floods and other natural disasters. Public benefits include enhanced natural resources that help sustain agricultural productivity and environmental quality while supporting continued economic development, recreation, and scenic beauty. NRCS "Helping People Help the Land"
NRCS supports FFA and their efforts to involve students in the National Resources CDE
 2446NC A&T State University by virtue of having an agricultural education program has long believed in the mission of the National FFA Organization.
NC A&T State University is a comprehensive 1890 Land Grant institution with dynamic academic and research programs in the Agricultural Scicences.
 2315Preparing students to be leaders in the ag industry.
Great access to tomorrow's leaders in agriculture
 751With a history of innovation in agricultural equipment, New Holland has been serving the needs of agriculture industry across North America for more than 110 years. New Holland manufactures a wide range of equipment, including a full line of tractors; hay and forage equipment; and harvesting, crop production and material handling equipment. New Holland also manufactures a compact tractor line using the same comfort and easy to use features and technology designed for larger tractors.
New Holland Agriculture has been a long time supporter of FFA. We believe it is important to encourage young people in the agriculture industries.
 1866Producers of Agricultural Salts, we offer a full line of products for all your nutritional needs, Our unique and innovative nutritional solutions enhance herd health, and build healthy partnerships that endure for generations.
to support the future of Agricutlrual
 2347Provide AAS Degrees in several areas of Agriculture including Pre Veterinary Medicine, John Deere TECH, Dairy Science, and Ag Business.
 2365Outstanding 2 year college who excels in Agriculture degree programs, competitive agriculture teams including Horse Judging, Livestock Judging and Rodeo.
FFA is the most promising sector of future agricultural leaders in the nation.
 2242Offering degrees in Agricultural Business, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Education, Agricultural Science, Agronomy, Animal Science, Animal Science Pre-Vet, and Horticulture.
Offering degrees in Agricultural Business, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Education, Agricultural Science, Agronomy, Animal Science, Animal Science Pre-Vet, and Horticulture.
 440Veterinary Medicine Companion Animal Medicine Livestock Vaccines
FFA members are our future job pool! We value the leadership and business skills that are taught through FFA programs.
 736At Novus, our mission is to make a clear difference in sustainably meeting the growing global need for nutrition and health. Our core expertise and experience in health and nutritional research empower Novus to help feed the world affordable, wholesome food, and achieve a higher quality of life. We are committed to sustainable, environmental, safety, health and security programs to achieve success through integrity.
 1907The Nutrients for Life Foundation promotes learning about fertilizers and their role in producing healthy food through science-based curriculum and other plant and soil science educational materials.
Nutrients for Life and FFA are natural partners. We are proud to support a great organization that promotes modern agriculture.
 2528Learning Lab Kits from Ohio 4-H are your answer for species-specific, hands-on, durable learning materials. Use for teaching and evaluating knowledge of livestock and companion animals. Perfect for classrooms, 4-H clubs, FFA chapters, skillathons, agricultural association activities, and more. Check out our kits on beef, dairy, dog, goat, horse, poultry, rabbit, sheep, and swine!
FFA, Extension, and 4-H share a long-standing commitment to agriculture and ag education. Today, as before, our goal is the same--preparing youth for success.
 257Ohio Technical College educates students in Diesel Equipment Technology as well as Alternative Fuels.
Ohio Technical College supports the growth of the agricultural industry and understands the changing landscape of technology needed to support this growth.
 1916Oklahoma CIMC believes that quality curriculum and assessments are the key to quality instruction.
Oklahoma CIMC offers a full spectrum of Agricultural Education curriculum. Our newest full-color products include Introduction to Horticulture, Agriscience Explorations, Introduction to Agriscience, and Agriscience Principles & Applications.
 2230Oklahoma State University is a modern land-grant system of interdisciplinary programs to better prepare students for success. As Oklahoma's only university with a statewide presence, OSU improves the lives of people in Oklahoma, the nation, and the world through integrated, high-quality teaching, research, and outreach. OSU has more than 35,000 students across its five-campus system and more than 23,000 on its Stillwater campus, with students from all 50 states and 118 nations. Established in 1890, OSU has graduated more than 200,000 students to serve the state of Oklahoma, the nation and the world.
We support FFA because the best and brightest leaders come through the organization and we know that with an Oklahoma State education, they will make the world a better place.
 1817We provide instructional resources and curriculum materials for agriculture teachers to make teaching and learning easier.
FFA provides students with an opportunity to discover their true potential and experience success in a way that is meaningful and lifelong. Agriculture teachers are there to show students the possibilities that are available but it is not an easy job. We've been there therefore One Less Thing tries to make that job easier so that advisors can impact more students' lives.
 2137Whether it's biofuel innovations, the safety of our food supply or just about anything in between, the work of students in the College of Agricultural Sciences affects every aspect of our lives.
OSU's College of Agricultural Sciences truly beliefs that FFA prepares many of our future leaders of the Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resource industries.
 1737OCIA is the pioneer of organic certification. We provide a variety of certifications to organic producers and processors in the US, Canada and Latin America.
We support the National FFA Organization because we believe it consists of a younger generation looking for healthy alternatives to farming in order to sustain our environment.
 1834CROPP Cooperative is the nation's largest farmer-owned cooperative. Organic Valley is committed to organic agriculture and building a future for sustainable family farming in America.
Organic Valley is committed to supporting the future stewards of the land through education and leadership.
 1806FFAChapter.net is created by PAQ Interactive, Inc. a web development company in Monticello, Illinois. We have worked with agricultural education programs since 1997. Our work with ag teachers and FFA program leaders gave us the idea for FFAChapter.net. There was a need for an easier way to share information and publicize achievements. We created FFAChapter.net with these clients in mind. Ease of set up and ease of editing were key design considerations. The web is a great place to be. It is a te
As the future of the Agriculture Industry, FFAChapter.net provides a means for FFA Chapters to have their own website. With an FFAChapter.net website, we promote: Improvements with Communication, Enhance Recruitment, Recognize Member Achievements and Awards, Build Student Skills, and help with fundraising through the website.
 2135Prepare for a wide variety of careers in an industry that helps meet the growing needs of our society: from degrees in agriculture, equine, diesel tech and vet tech to horticulture and landscape design. We've got it all! Finish in two years or prepare to transfer to a university for additional degrees. Either way, you’ll learn from ag faculty with real world experiences to share. Our program encourages global studies in agriculture and provides study trips to Central America and Europe.
FFA is relevant and creates community in our communities! FFA lays a solid foundation for anyone wanting to be successful in any career. Student who are actively involved in FFA have life skills and work ethic which enhance their college experience and potential for career success.
 1054We support the FFA because we believe it is a good organization for young people to be involved with.
Our company has provided sawing equipment to farmers and agriculatural machine manufacturers.
 1823Pearson publishes a variety of Agriscience print and technology resources including the Interstate titles. Visit our booth to see our new resources for introductory, livestock, horticulture, and landscape courses.
Pearson publishes a variety of Agriscience print and technology resources including the Interstate titles. Visit our booth to see our new resources for introductory, livestock, horticulture, and landscape courses. For more information, please visit www.PearsonSchool.com/agriculture or call 866-326-4259.
 1733Pee Jay's Fresh Fruit has been providing fundraising groups with fresh quality fruit since 1982. We are proud to announce our new e-commerce website to help make your fruit sale more profitable than ever!
FFA is the future of agriculture and without farmers, there's no food. We proudly support FFA and it's mission.
 2354Penn State College of Ag. Sciences provides a comprehensive education to students from across the world in many different fields of Agriculture. Providing the students the tools they need to move Agriculture into the future.
FFA is an important part of a student’s education in Agriculture. FFA has provided Penn State with some of its best and brightest students and is part of our Agricultural Education Students Degree Program. FFA provides the College of Ag. Sciences a way to connect with future students, who may have not otherwise realized what Penn State has to offer them in Agricultural Sciences. FFA is extremely important to both Past and Present Penn Staters.
 547We preserve and promote the continued legacy of the Pinto horse, through educating equine enthusiasts and the general population.
We support FFA because of the impact the organization plays on developing the youth of America.

Preformed AgSystems is a division of Preformed Line Products (PLP), a company that has provided quality termination and splicing components, among others, to the Utility and Communications markets around the world since 1947.  With a concentration on high quality engineering, and an unmatched devotion to customer service, PLP has been become a well know, and highly respected, name in many industries.  It is those same qualities that the AgSystems team intends to carry forward with its release of the PLP AgSystems Fencing Line. 

Preformed AgSystems is also proud to be closely associated with the Future Farmers of America (FFA).  From the beginning AgSystems sought to provide FFA licensed products to the hardworking members of the FFA communities around the country.  This association allows AgSystems to show our support for an organization that has dedicated its existence to supporting the farmers and ranchers around the world.  The licensing also shows the FFA s support and belief in the AgSystems product line.
 231We sponsor Progressive Agriculture Safety Days that promote safety and health.
We have many FFA Chapters that participate in our Progressive Agriculture Safety Days.
 2057Purdue College of Agriculture prepares students to solve the world's most complex problems.
We want to embrace student leaders and agriculturalists nation wide and partner with an organization who is preparing students to become premier leaders.
 428The Purdue School of Veterinary Medicine strongly believes in recruiting young leaders who have an active track record and we know that FFA is an excellent developer of this leadership pipeline.
The School of Veterinary Medicine educates both the veterinarina and the veterinary technicians. These professionals provide the animal health services and knowledge for the agricultural career as well as work daily to protect the US food chain.
 1064The premium line of agricultural fencing products, Red Brand reigns as the most recognized brand of farm fence in the United States. Since 1889, Red Brand has been standing guard with top-quality, American-made fence for a wide variety of applications. It’s the product of choice for anyone—full-time rancher, farmer or part-time enthusiast—selecting the best in farm fence.
Red Brand understands the importance of loyalty. That’s why for over 63 years Red Brand has supported FFA programs. We realize the long-term value in investing in our young people who are primed to lead our future in the ag industry and beyond.
 2265Redlands Community College
Think its a great organization, and we love getting excellent students to come to our college.

To the serve the needs and interest of rural America through programming focused around agriculture, equine, rural lifestyle and traditional music entertainment.  

RFD-TV is proud to support the future of agriculture
 2133The first two years at Ridgewater College can lead to completion of a Bachelor of Science degree in various agriculture majors at four-year institutions. Ridgewater College also offers technical agriculture programs leading to two-year diploma and Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees. Associate in Science (AS) degrees in Animal Science, Applied Plant Science, or Agricultural Science and Technology (Agricultural Education)
Ridgewater supports the development of students entering the field of agriculture. FFA is a vital component of student development.
To help keep agriculture strong in the US
 1843Career options for students and sponsorships.
We support the FFA to foster leadership skills among FFA students and to foster an understanding of modern agriculture methods.
 2032Agricultural Education prepares students for successful careers and a lifetime of informed choices in the global agriculture, food, fiber and natural resources systems. The National FFA Organization (formerly Future Farmers of America) envisions a future in which all agricultural education students will discover their passion in life and build on that insight to chart the course for their educations, career and personal future.
FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.
 2129We support FFA because we believe in promoting the successful college access and success for today’s young people.
The White Violet Center; Saint Mary-of-the-Woods Department of Equine Studies
 2264Sandhills Community College offers a two year associate degree in Landscape Gardening with emphasis in the hands-on application of horticulture. Learning is facilitated by the 32 acre garden that is designed, installed and maintained by students in the program.
FFA is a natural step for students who are interested in the green industry. It gives them an advantage before they enter the college of their choice by offering education in many aspects of horticulture and its related fields
 1808Scientific Minds introduces MC2 in Agriculture! MC2, or Mastering Core Content, is a video series that provides a teacher-friendly process for emphasizing Science, Math, ELA, and Social Studies concepts that can be found within the Agriculture curriculum. MC2 in Agriculture is built from state standards, AFNR standards, Common Core Standards, and Career and College Readiness Standards.
 955Scotchman Industries does not contribute directly to Agriculture; but they do manufacture fabricating and sawing equipment that is used in the manufacturing and repair of agriculture and livestock equipment.
FFA is a very good organization which teachs younger generations the basic tools of what is required to compete in today's work enviornment.
 233Sigma Alpha is a professional agricultural sorority that promotes scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship among its members. The sorority was founded in 1978 at the Ohio State University by five women who wanted an alternative to the social Greek sorority system. Since that time, Sigma Alpha has become a national organization consisting of more than 80 chapters, comprised of undergraduate and alumni members. Today, more than 7,000 members have been initiated into Sigma Alpha Sorority.
We support FFA because we believe in creating leaders in agriculture. FFA is a great student organization that allows students to learn about and promote agriculture.
 2256FFA members have always made up a large portion of our student population. The student leaders that are a part of the FFA program are often the leaders of student organizations on our campus. Their prior leadership training, public speaking ability and passion for all aspects of agriculture make them an asset to our University.
South Dakota State University is located in Brookings SD and is the largest university in the state. The College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences offers more than 20 majors and options ranging from traditional agriculture majors to biotechnology, environmental management and Pre-Med. With a student population of around 12,800 we offer a wide range of opportunities with small class sizes.
 21612 year technical and academic community college located in southeast Nebraska. Nationally ranked programs of study!
FFA meets many of the same goals as a number of our programs here at Southeast.
 1559We produce replicas of Farm Equipment for all the major Ag. Companies, John Deere, Case, & AGCO.
We produce 1/16 scale tractors which we can customize with your chapter name to use as a fundraiser.
 1805steadyGROWpro manufactures a soilless media specifically engineered for germination, propagation, and growth of plants
FFA attendees are the future users and educators of innovative soilless growing techniques.
 151STIHL Inc. manufactures the world's largest selling brand of chain saws and produces a full line of powerful, lightweight, and versatile handheld outdoor power equipment for homeowners and professional users. STIHL products are sold through independent servicing power equipment retailers from coast to coast – not mass merchants
As a leader in the Green Industry STIHL is proud to support the FFA in its goal to develop our nation's future leaders.
 2462Stockbridge School of Agriculture was founded in 1918. It is the forerunner of the University of Massachusetts Amherst and carries on the original land-grant tradition of the former Massachusetts Agricultural College. Stockbridge has over 9,000 loyal alumni who support the school and its mission to prepare students in today's agricultural industries.
Stockbridge School supports FFA because FFA represents the future of agriculture. Both Stockbridge School and FFA work to prepare students to be the best they can be in their chosen professions.
 1666We have sold hundreds of education greenhouse packages all over the country. We offer several different sizes of standard greenhouses with construction. We also offer custom disign if required.
Stuppy, Inc. Has supported the FFA for over 25 year. We feel a need to provide a platform where sy students can learn the basics of greenhouse design and operations. We would like to be a resource for the future of these students.
 2443SUNY Cobleskill is committed to Real Life, Real Learning, through Bachelor and Associate Degrees in over 27 programs in Agriculture and Natural Resources.
The FFA provides students with an excellent preparation to be successful student leaders at our college.
 1541We’re helping growers around the world meet the challenge of the future: To Grow More From Less.
Annually, Syngenta supports numerous FFA programs including state leadership conferences, the collegiate FFA program, the National Collegiate Agricultural Ambassadors, the American FFA Degree program and the FFA Agriscience Fair.
 1537We’re helping growers around the world meet the challenge of the future: To Grow More From Less
Annually, Syngenta supports numerous FFA programs including state leadership conferences, the collegiate FFA program, the National Collegiate Agricultural Ambassadors, the American FFA Degree program and the FFA Agriscience Fair.
 2063 The TCU Ranch Management Program prepares professionals to manage a broad range of global resources on an ecologically and economically sound basis while conserving and improving resources.
They are the Future of Agriculture.
 2051The National Teach Ag Campaign is an initiative to bring attention to the career of agricultural education and get students thinking about a possible career in agricultural education. NAAE is the professional organization in the United States for agricultural educators.
 634We are a national swine youth organization representing four major breeds of swine. We emphasize scholarship and leadership through competition and participation.
Many of our Intermediate and Senior members are already involved in FFA. They use their FFA experiences to further their leadership experiences with Team Purebred. We have had numerous past State FFA officers serve on our 9 member National Junior Board.
 951At Bridgestone Americas, we believe keeping the roads safe is everyone's responsibility. In order to do our part, we want to make sure our newest drivers have the knowledge and resources they need to make smart decisions on the road. Bridgestone Americas supports a number of teen driver safety initiatives, and is committed to helping teens drive smart.
At Bridgestone Americas, we believe keeping the roads safe is everyone's responsibility. In order to do our part, we want to make sure our newest drivers have the knowledge and resources they need to make smart decisions on the road. Bridgestone Americas supports a number of teen driver safety initiatives, and is committed to helping teens drive smart.
 2266We are a 1890 land grant university contribute by educationing divisive students for career in the industry
We support FFA like-mined in ther goals to prepare youth that will solve many of the world problems thru Agricultural
 2360Most of our college students are members of the Collegiate FFA chapter and Tennessee Tech is home to National Officers James Flatt and Chelsea Doss
Tennessee Tech University offers majors in Agricultural Education, Agricultural Communications, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Business, Animal Science, Agronomy and Soils, Pre Vet, Environmental Agriscience, Horticulture, Nursery and Landscape Management, Turfgrass Management and Agritourism
 1731We work through the pecan shellers association to help encourage and improve agricultures interest.
Terri Lynn fundraising products all come from agricultural production. We are invested in and dependent upon the Future Farmers of America.
 2253Just as the National FFA organization promotes premier leadership, personal, growth, and career success, so does the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences. By seeking out high achieving students and preparing them to impact their world through interaction with world class faculty and unique opportunities, Texas A&M offers the chance to continue that development, both in the classroom and around the globe.
The College of Agriculture & Life Sciences at Texas A&M University houses 14 academic departments and 31 majors. Located in College Station, TX, our more than 5300 undergraduate students investigate science, promote business, conserve natural resources, solve problems, serve others, and support life.
 2261For over 80 years, we have planted the seeds of excellence in teaching, research and public service. Today, we continue that mission of award-winning innovation, both academically and technologically. We’re a leading college in the U.S. with programs awarding 13 baccalaureate, 21 graduate degrees in agricultural sciences and natural resources disciplines. Thing is, you will have to come here yourself to see just how friendly we are. Really. There’s a smile and handshake waiting for you.
Our support of FFA is an investment in agriculture and our nation. Many of our faculty and staff are former FFA members, and we can attest to the benefits of leadership and education excellence that endure long after we retired our blue jackets. We want FFA members to get excited about becoming Texas Tech students. Each year, some of our most motivated, bright, and creative students are FFA members. It is our experience that they quickly become leaders, both inside and outside the classroom.
 938We provide agricultural lime (Aglime) to the farmers of Indiana and surrounding states.
Because our member companies are producers of agricultural lime (Aglime) and it is something that all farm fields need to be productive. We wish to educate future farmers of the benefits of Aglime for their soils.
Plants Get Sick Too! Learn about plant pathologists (plant doctors) that keep plants well, and what it takes to become a plant pathologist.

Plant pathologists work to keep all agricultural crops growing and healthy. These scientists have close relationships with the farmers growing these crops and rely on them to share information on new diseases and disease behaviors.
 1909Fundraising company providing 100 percent profit on our merchandise.
 1917We sell more than 700,000 cotton t-shirts annually
FFA has an important mission, with impressive people and great organization.
 1815The Mathile Institute is promoting sustainable solutions to global hunger through its Revolution Hunger™ movement. Inspired by the work of Nobel Laureate and father of the Green Revolution, Dr. Norman Borlaug, this program is a groundbreaking effort to inspire today’s youth to make hunger alleviation their lifelong cause and career focus and demonstrate how a diverse talent pool of leaders can tackle all facets of hunger alleviation through through a variety of means.
The Mathile Institute recognizes the FFA as an organization that continuously supports professional and leadership skills development of youth and emerging leaders in careers relevant to hunger and malnutrition prevention and alleviation.
 1658Judging at the houston livestock show and local high schools.
FFA continues to encourage leadership qualities in its members.
 2431The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University strives to educate students to use their talents and skills to positively impact the word through Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resources. Our impact on agriculture is through graduates who impact the world as leaders, professionals, and educated citizens.
The premier leadership, personal growth, and career success emphasized in the National FFA Organization are also valued by the faculty, staff, and students within the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. This makes a smooth transition from Blue and Gold to Scarlet and Gray!
 2429The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute provides an outstanding hands-on education to students seeking two- or four-year degrees in agriculture. We are ranked number one in the nation in the awarding of associate degrees in agriculture and related sciences.
As host institution of the first Collegiate FFA chapter in Ohio, Ohio State ATI supports National FFA's commitment to leadership and education and career success in agriculture, ensuring the future of the world's most important industry.
 1862The Parks Companies and our local markets located throughout the U. S. are proud to support local chapters in many states. We offer pork producers opportunities to market their cull livestock to generate maximum profit.
We believe that the education and training that students receive in FFA is tremendously valuable to their future endeavors.
 2243"We meet and associate with students, considering their college eduation, and assist interested students associate with Caterpillar sponsored colleges.
Caterpillar dealers sponsor students to Caterpillar ThinkBIGI college programs. Cat dealers are attracted to FFA students; their attitudes and work ethics."
 883Titan Tire is the only company with the ability to design, test and produce both wheels and tires for agriculture, construction, forestry and mining markets. TITAN MOVES THE WORLD OF AGRICULTURE! TOUGH. DURABLE. BUILT TO LAST.
TITAN TIRE is PROUD to support FFA Antique Tractor Restoration Projects with FREE TIRES!! Titan believes FFA members gain their base for future leadership skills!
 1451Tractor Supply Company has been a sponsor of the National FFA Organization for over 25 years. We are proud sponsors because of FFA Students and their continued dedication to premier leadership, personal growth and career success.
Tractor Supply is the largest operator of retail farm stores in America with over 950 stores in 44 states.
 865For more than 60 years, TransCanada has developed and operated North American energy infrastructure including natural gas and oil pipelines and power generation and gas storage facilities. The company’s network of natural gas pipelines covers more than 35,500 miles and taps into virtually all major gas supply basins in North America.
We wholeheartedly believe in the sustainability vision of FFA and awakening a sense of purpose in the next generation of leaders,” said Lee Hobbs, senior vice president and general manager of U.S. pipelines at TransCanada. “Our company has experienced the success of FFA first-hand, as a number of our high-achieving employees attribute their success to lessons learned through the organization. TransCanada’s sponsorship will contribute to building long-term community capacity both nationally and at the grassroots level in rural America.
 263Tulsa Welding School offers a scholarship for two high school seniors per state every year that can be applied for at ffa.org.
Tulsa Welding School recognizes that the National FFA Organization consistently produces model students for our program. Tulsa Welding School supports FFA organizatons with donations of welding supplies to FFA programs in many areas.
 1942please see info from last year
please see info from last year
 1734The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provides career opportunities in the fields of conservation law enforcement, fisheries management, wildlife management, wildlife biology, and natural resources interpretation. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employees staff over 550 units of the National Wildlife Refuge System, work at National Fish Hatcheries, Law Enforcement offices, and work with States and many partners to save endangered species.
FFA promotes career exploration and personal development for young people and we wholeheartedly support their mission.
 637The U.S. Pork Center of Excellence has a mission to add value to the pork industry by facilitating research and learning for U.S. pork producers through national collaboration. The U.S. Pork Center's projects include Swine Science Online, Professional Swine Manager, the Pork Information Gateway, National Swine Nutrition Guide and eXtension.
It's a positive group for today's youth to work together towards a career in agriculture.
 1847The U.S. Poultry & Egg Association is the world's largest poultry organization. Membership includes producers and processors of broilers, turkeys, ducks, eggs, and breeding stock, as well as allied companies. We have member companies worldwide and 27 affiliated state associations. We are a non-profit organization which represents its poultry and egg members through research, education, communications and technical services.
We believe that investing in the advancement of young people is key.
FFA Members are potential students of the University of Florida and are the future of Agriculture and the Life Sciences.
 345We are a purebred boer goat association that strives to serve our members and encourage boer goat production, exhibition, and exchange of information throughout the counry.
We support FFA in an effort to keep our information and services available to the young people that will be the leaders in this business in the years to come. We strive for them to be familiar with our services and know how we can help them make contributions to the industry.
 537We foster the growth and well being of the equine industry through equestrian sport.
Many FFA members are interested in or are pursuing equine studies and fields. As the National Governing Body for Equestrian Sport, we are actively promoting involvement and participation in anything that can benefit the equestrian world.
 647Harness racing is an important facet of the equine industry, contributing to thousands of jobs and acres of green space.
Harness racing is always looking for the next generation of horsemen and people to work in the day-to-day management of the industry.
 2221Students At Universal Technical Institute we train our students to become Automotive and Diesel technicians. Without equipment running seed is not planted and food can not be delivered to the stores we are located in Glendale Heights Ill
The FFA and UTI industry is not moving overseas we are a service industry and need to train our students on today’s technology.
 2460FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.
Our mission is to develop, integrate, extend, and apply knowledge. If we succeed in fulfilling our mission, we will enhance agriculture, other bio-based industries, the environment, our natural resources, family and youth well-being, and the development of local communities.
 2165The Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences at the University of Arkansas prepares leaders in agriculture for meaningful careers in food, quality of life and sustainability.
We know that members of FFA develop into well-rounded and successful college students prepared for professional careers in agriculture.
 2456The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences’ mission is “making life better.” We seek, verify and apply knowledge to enhance agriculture, the environment and communities. Founded in 1859, we offer 24 undergraduate majors and 31 graduate programs at three campuses. We strive to make the production of food and fiber, for a growing population, both safe and economical while doing so in an environmentally conscious manner.
Students learn valuable social, academic and leadership skills through FFA. These same students are our future leaders. FFA members also have tremendous work ethics to accomplish great things. The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences views these attributes as essential components of a college community.
 2363As the Land Grant University in Idaho we provide high quality education in Agriculture and Natural Resources.
The National FFA Organization is a great opportunity for students to gain experience and knowledge. The University of Idaho support the organization in any way we can.
 2236The University of Illinois College of ACES offers a variety of majors in agriculture and related areas.
We partner with FFA in preparing students for careers in agriculture and related areas.
 2260The UK College of Agriculture is a top ten research college of agriculture in the United States. We offer 18 majors that cover the entire gamet of the agricultural industry and award over $650,000 in scholarships each year to our students.
FFA members are among the greatest students we work with because they have a commitment to agriculture and are in pursuit of how a strong education as it relates to agriculture can impact many across their home communities, state and country.
 2166The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is world-renowned for its great academics, great opportunities, great location, and great value. We offer 135+ majors, world-renowned professors, and an exciting Big Ten atmosphere--all at a great Twin Cities location. As a student in the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS), you get the best of both worlds -a friendly, small college setting with access to the resources of a major research university. CFANS makes students its highest priority with in-depth courses based on experiential learning, personal contact with faculty, academic support and career services. Stop by our booth to learn how the University of Minnesota is a great fit for you!
 2257Small Campus. Big Degree. The U of M, Crookston has 1450 students and a focus on applied experiential learning in 29 degrees in areas such as Agriculture, Natural Resources, Business, Science, Liberal Arts, and Education. Earn your prestigous University of Minnesota degree in a small personalized environment. Visit our booth to find out more.
We have the only Collegiate FFA chapter in the state of Minnesota.
 2351Provide undergraduate and graduate education in numerous fields related to Agriculture.
Because of its tremendous impact on the development of young people related to communication, leadership, and team building skills necessary for a successful career in college or the workforce.
 2357The FFA provides a supportive, cultivating environment for a quality body of students. The National Convention presents a national platform that allows us to promote the message that coincides with multiple qualities we seek when procuring a well qualified group prospective students.
The College of Veterinary Medicine is the only accredited program in the state of Missouri. The four year curriculum offers two years of clinical, practical training to complement the first two years of instructional, didactic learning. The program is a premier research institute with several comparative medicine programs. It is recognized by several government and other research agencies. The veterinary program is also ranked nationally as one of the top programs in the United States.
 2361Preparing students for careers in everything from animals to plants, soil to climate, golf to business, mechanization to leadership and food to forensic science.
It is an outstanding organization for today's youth that helps prepare them for the future.
 2450The College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences has earned an outstanding reputation for excellence in education and service to the region, nation and the world since 1912. Our graduates are employed in government, industry, private enterprise, education, food and agricultural sciences, biotechnology, agricultural business, resource management and state extension.
The FFA provides valuable leadership development and agricultural connections to our youth.
 2350The University of Wisconsin - Madison is proud to support the National FFA Organization because all organizations committed to agriculture need to work together to foster leadership within the future of the industry.
The University of Wisconsin - Madison is a world class Land Grant institution that has been at the forefront of agricultural advancements for over 150 years. We are committed to higher Agricultural Education via the Farm & Industry Short Course and Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral programs.
 2321Educational programs
We believe in FFA students
 1740Children are often more heavily exposed to toxins in the environment. EPA OCHP's mission is to make the health protection of children and the aging a fundamental goal of public health and environmental protection in the United States and around the world.
Children are often more heavily exposed to toxins in the environment. EPA OCHP's mission is to make the health protection of children and the aging a fundamental goal of public health and environmental protection in the United States and around the world.
 859Marines love to eat.
To give young people the opportunity to grow in the Marine Corps.
 2034Caring for the Land and Serving People
We believe in the young members of the FFA and hope that they will become the future of the Forest Service
 2033USDA Rural Development works to increase economic opportunities and the quality of life for people in rural America. USDA believes that rural Americans deserve the same services enjoyed by people in surburban and urban areas while retaining the advantages of small town town living.
USDA Rural Development believes that FFA plays a very important role in the development and well being of America's children.
 1927FFA students are the future of agriculture.
USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) disseminates data on every facet of U.S. agriculture. The agency conducts surveys and issues 500 reports annually. NASS conducts the Census of Agriculture every 5 years, providing the only source of agricultural data for every county in the nation. NASS reports are available at www.nass.usda.gov.
 1926USDA-Outreach Program
To better serve the Agriculture community.
 2038USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA) administers the Federal Crop Insurance Program. We conduct annual essay contest on risk management for FFA students
The Risk Management Essary Contest sponsored by the Risk Management Agency aims to help young agricultural entrepreneurs understand how to manage business-related risks. FFA members who manage a small business through their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) are encouraged to write a 1,000-word essay about the strategies they use to minimize risks and maximize returns on their SAEs.
 2359The College of Agriculture at Utah State University is focused on the science of life, teaching students how to link knowledge of soil, water, plants, and animals to human health and safety with hands-on experience and a close connection to research faculty. Our students are learning to clone animals, create new snack foods, deal in futures markets, understand the technology that ensures a safe and productive food supply, and how to become the leaders in the political process.
The programs and experiences in the College of Agriculture at Utah State University provide opportunities for FFA members to continue in their quest for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success.
 1912Vernier Software & Technology supports FFA because we have a passion for educating students to become "scientists". Whether that means earning a Ph.D. in an Agricultural Science field or just being an informed citizen, we believe FFA students will be more successful if they can think critically and understand basic scientific concepts.
Vernier Software & Technology provides instructional tools that help students develop a deep understanding of important concepts in Agricultural Science. With Vernier's data-collection products and Agricultural Science with Vernier curriculum, students become researchers, collecting and analyzing their own data. Students are highly engaged, leading to a meaningful learning experience.
 2333We provide undergraduate and graduate programs in agricultural and life sciences.
 429Veterinarians We protect the food supply by providing animal care as well as protecting animal welfare.
The Virginia-Maryland Regional College supports the FFA because veterinary medicine is agriculture and future veterinarians may emerge from the FFA. It is important to inform students of all the opportunities within the veterinary profession other than private practice.
 829Our contribution to agriculture has focused on improving the health and performance of animals naturally by providing the best scientifically proven nutrition supplement and microbial on the market.
Creating passionate leaders that will play an important role in the future of the agriculture industry is Vita Ferm Sure Champ’s top priority. Vita Ferm believes it is our responsibility to share in the education and demonstration of good stewardship, caring and sharing.
 541Wahl Clipper Corporation is a sponsor of FFA. Wahl Clipper Corporation provides clippers and trimmers for animals as well as the professional barber and beauty trade.
Wahl Clipper Corporation is a proud sponsor of FFA.
 18092010 NYAAE Agricultural Education Outstanding Partner Award. Products and services for Ag. Science teachers Support FFA and NAAE at STAE and National levels.
Ward's is proud to support the FFA, because we firmly believe in the advancement of agriculture science. And our mission is to help science teachers inspire students to explore the world. The FFA is a renowned organization that actualizes this mission through it's educational programming and support of students and teaches.
 2358Washington State University's certificate in organic agriculture is the first in the nation offered online. The tremendous demand for organic products has created the need for experts who understand the unique production, processing, and marketing approaches used in organic agriculture. Learners completing the program will be thoroughly prepared to work on or develop their own organic farm.
The FFA's mission is to prepare future generations for the challenges of feeding a growing population. With the growth and demand for organic agriculture, these future farmers will need to be equipped with the knowledge of how to meet this growing demand.
 1663We at Westel Greenhouse, LLC strive to provide quality plants and useful information that enables the farmer, teacher, greenhouse owner or individual to grow a product they can eat, sell or gaze upon.
FFA students are the future of agriculture and FFA encourages and promotes the interests of these students.
 2065Undergraduate degrees in Ag Education, Ag Business and Ag Science (Agronomy, Agricultural Technology, Animal Science, Forestry, and Horticulture)
It allows the convention attendees to search for post-secondary educational options to assist in their pursuit in a degree option in agricultural industry.
 2432College of Agriculture
Integral component of Agricultural Education
 1637The local food movment needs producers. New food producers in the near term will need the leadership capabilities the National FFA organization delivers. Agriculture will be the source of our economic recovery in the next 20 years and FFA is positioned to take advantage of the wide variety of opportunity that growth offers.
Our mission is to educate and promote the economic and career opportunities of local food production.
 2159William Woods University offers a 4 year bachelor of science degree in Equestrian Science and Equine Administration. We also offer a B.S. in Pre-Vet.
Its a great program for students to grow and students.
 2164Wilmington College offers undergraduate degrees in agriculture. We have one of the top programs in agriculture among private institutions nationwide.
At Wilmington College we often find that FFA members rise quickly to the top of their class. The FFA serves a vital role in preparing students for college level work.
 1070WIX Filters, which has been providing scholarships through the National FFA Foundation since 1985. WIX Filters is proud to provide more than $50,000 a year in educational support through our various partnerships with the FFA, including this scholarship program and our annual WIX/FFA box top program.
WIX Filters, a member of the Affinia Group family of brands, supports the FFA because we think that it is important to honor all of the members for their academic achievements, FFA participation, school and community activities, and future goals.
 1759We support FFA organization
Future of America depends upon the agricultural business
 2314Automotive training
Great Organization
 759Yamaha manufacturers the most durable and reliable All-Terrain and Side-x-Side (SxS) vehicles available, as well as advocates the appropriate, responsible and safe use of all off-highway vehicles whether they be used for work or recreation.
Yamaha is impressed by the caliber of career-minded young adults that make up the FFA, and is proud to support their efforts through sponsorship of an SAE and by exhibiting at the annual FFA Convention Career Show. By showcasing industry-leading product and advocating appropriate, safe use of all ATV and SxS vehicles, Yamaha strives to assist FFA members in their development as future leaders with relevant product and educational materials to help ensure future success in the field.
 629We hope they will eventually be breeders of our cattle, and participate in our programs.
Please make this a 20 x 20. We were on the end last year of an aisle, and we really enjoyed it. Please put sign and list in program under YBIC - Youth Beef Industry Congress. This is the group again of junior beef breed organizations.

For assistance using our online exhibitor profile application please email us at careershow@ffa.org

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